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Google will end mainstream support for ActiveSync in January

Google has announced that, as part of its "Winter Cleaning" initiative, it will be ending support for Exchange ActiveSync outside of Google Apps for Business, Government and Education on January 30, 2013. ActiveSync will continue to work past that date for those who already have it set up, but ...

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Exchange/iOS "meeting hijack" history goes back well before iOS 6

Yesterday, in discussing the new reports of meeting invitation issues between Microsoft Exchange and iOS 6 devices using ActiveSync, I mentioned that I recall having seen these sorts of problems in prior versions of iOS and OS X, albeit infrequently. The issue manifests as one recipient declini...

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Exchange calendar oddity in iOS 6 may trigger meeting cancellations [Updated]

The iPhone's support for Microsoft's dominant email and calendaring Exchange platform is an essential part of iOS's appeal to business users. Integrating MS's ActiveSync mobile device connectivity into Apple's gear, which started back with iPhone OS 2.0 in 2008, helped make the upstart smartpho...

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Exchange users on iOS 4 need an updated config profile

The path to ActiveSync nirvana for iPhone 4/iOS 4 users has not run all that smooth over the past couple of weeks. There were dramatic slowdowns for Google Apps and Exchange users who tried to synchronize calendar and mail data, although matters improved after the first day or two. Worse, some Excha...

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Google Apps phone-lock issues with iOS 4

In a strange twist with what appears to be a security issue, users of Google Apps who set up their accounts using the Microsoft Exchange settings (aka ActiveSync) may find that their iPhones have been set to auto-lock in one minute. I confirmed this after reading a comment from TUAW reader BigB w...

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I've upgraded to iOS 4: Now what?

You've upgraded your iPhone to iOS 4, and you're anxious to play with all sorts of new and wonderful features. Before you do that, take a few minutes to make sure everything is working as expected. Here's a list of things to confirm. They aren't in any particular order, and not all of them will appl...

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iPhone OS 3.1 now enforces Exchange encryption policy, may block pre-3GS iPhones

The Apple Support forums are a'buzz with reports of several users upgrading to iPhone OS 3.1 and discovering a new "feature" which was not available previously. As mentioned in our comments, after upgrading to 3.1, some original iPhone and iPhone 3G owners with Exchange accounts are having trouble a...

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Apple/Microsoft in talks for ActiveSync before iPhone launched

Exchange support in the iPhone has been rumored almost as long as the iPhone itself was rumored to exist. Much as the iPhone turned out to be real, so has ActiveSync on the iPhone. Microsoft released an interview with Terry Myerson, corporate vice president for Exchange, which includes a very intere...

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iPhone Enterprise Beta Program

Do you work at a large company that runs Exchange or a Cisco VPN? Have a secure WiFi network running 802.1x? Do you wish that your iPhone would play nice? Well, with today's announcements the iPhone will soon be a good enterprise citizen, but what if you can't wait until June? You can apply for the...

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Apple licenses ActiveSync for the iPhone

Today Apple announced that they have licensed ActiveSync from Microsoft to enable full Exchange integration with the iPhone. The first thing you think of with ActiveSync is Push Email (that's when email is sent to your iPhone as soon as it is received, as opposed to on a schedule like every 15 minut...

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