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Raindrops on roses, Lightning adapters, and whiskers on kittens

I own roughly a billion-and-one old-style iPhone and iPod cables, most of them not strictly "Made for iPhone" (MFi). They have seen hard use over the years, but they've been cheap and easy to replace. In February, I finally made the jump to Lightning when I purchased a refurbished pair of an iPad ...

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iPhone 5 doesn't come with a free 30-pin adapter, video out adapters on the way

TNW wrote up a story about Apple including a free 30-pin adapter with the iPhone 5, as text upon checkout appeared to indicate the newest iPhone comes with such a beast -- a $29 beast at that. Unfortunately, they later asked a sales rep online who informed them that was a mistake. Indeed, looking...

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iPhone 5 not yet announced, SIM adapters already available

The iPhone isn't expected to hit retail shelves until late this month (the announcement event will occur on September 12th) but its new nano-SIM cards may already be shipping, according to the International Business Times. TUAW wrote about similar shipments in a post earlier today. Nano-SIMs off...

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TomTom offers free car kit adapter for iPhone 4

Attention, folks who purchased the TomTom car kit for their iPhone 3G or 3GS, only to upgrade to a won't-fit-quite-right iPhone 4: you're in luck. TomTom is now providing a free adapter for the aforementioned car kit that allows an iPhone 4 to fit properly. Apparently the adapter is simply a piec...

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Worldwide Mac: the dos and don'ts of international electricity

Whether you're moving to another country or just visiting, chances are pretty good you're going to be bringing a lot of electronics with you. Chances are also pretty good that whatever country you're going to is going to have an electrical system with a different voltage or frequency than your home ...

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Apple supporting universal European handset chargers

Last week I ordered my iPhone 3GS from the AT&T Store (no Apple Stores out here in the boonies). Five days later it was ready to be picked up and I drove out to the mall to get it. While the AT&T employee activated it and performed the soul-stealing voodoo that accompanies a new sale, a woma...

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