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Comixology claims responsibility for banning Saga #12, rescinds ban

Yesterday, we posted about Apple reportedly banning issue 12 of a comic book called Saga, due to a couple of graphic sex scenes included in it. The book's creator, Brian K. Vaughan, had posted that Apple wasn't allowing his book to be sold on the App Store, though it was available through a...

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Apple bans Brian K. Vaughn's Saga #12 comic book due to graphic sex scenes [Updated]

Update: It turns out this is not true -- the ban came from the book's digital publisher, Comixology, not Apple itself. Comixology has since rescinded the ban. Original Post: I never thought I'd write two stories in one day about Apple attacking the comic book industry over adult content,...

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Digital comic publisher threatened by Apple over adult content

Digital comics publisher Izneo has pulled much of its content from its App Store app, after being cautioned by Apple about selling adult content on the iPad. Izneo has been on the App Store since 2010, but Apple only recently reached out to the company, saying that it had just 30 hours to remov...

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Playboy archives coming to iPad tomorrow

If you've been waiting for those Playboy archives ever since we heard about them in January, the wait is almost over. App Advice says the web app containing all back issues of the famously controversial gentleman's magazine will finally be ready to go on the iPad tomorrow, for a subscription pr...

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And here comes the FaceTime porn

FaceTime live sex chat is for real, courtesy IP4Play (link goes to an adult site, likely NSFW). It's a natural extension of phone sex lines and chat cams, and plenty of people had the idea when Apple unveiled FaceTime. After all, the white-hot fervor around Chatroulette had just died down when the i...

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Sex industry embraces FaceTime, world feigns surprise

When I first saw the iPhone 4 FaceTime demo, I knew it wouldn't take much time before rule 34 took effect. It was inevitable that Apple's video chat tech would be used by the sex industry as a new way to deliver live adult content to customers. Despite Steve Jobs' best efforts to keep the iOS pla...

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Explicit App Store categories appear, disappear

Yesterday MacStories.net found two empty category placeholders for the App Store: "Top Explicit Paid Software" and "Top Explicit iPad Software". If you follow those two links now, you'll just be taken to blank pages in the iTunes App Store. Seems Apple was a little embarrassed in letting those slip ...

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Apple banning sexual content in the App Store?

Jon Atherton, the developer behind Wobble iBoobs, has just told TechCrunch that he received an email from Apple stating his application was being removed from the App Store because of a new policy change: "We [Apple] have decided to remove any overtly sexual content from the App Store." The full ...

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Rejection: Apple hates (certain) books and whistling

It seems like only yesterday Apple was surprising us with its App Store rejection antics. You'll recall that just last Monday, Apple was seen flaunting its control over the App Store by rejecting a remote-control client for the BitTorrent desktop application "Transmission" called "Drivetrain." Of in...

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Wacky App Store rejections du jour

If it's Monday, there must be a few more stories of iPhone apps rejected for curious and spurious reasons. Today's contenders are up to the line... and away they go! First, it's Maza's Drivetrain app, a remote control for the Transmission client for Bittorrent running on the user's computer. Rejecte...

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Craigslist tool defers to App Store decency standards

The developers of the iPhone Craigslist app craigsphone [App Store link] seem to have found themselves in a bit of a pickle. Sure, most of Craigslist's content is perfectly appropriate for all audiences -- nothing too risque about buying a used bike or looking for an apartment -- but there are some ...

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