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iOS 7 video tip: Where is Apple hiding AirPlay Mirroring?

While not everyone uses AirPlay Mirroring to display their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch screen on a TV through an Apple TV, that capability is surprisingly popular with those who need to teach or demonstrate iOS apps. In the iOS 6 days, you could get to AirPlay Mirroring by double-tapping the Home ...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Disappointed over AirPlay Mirroring hardware cutoff

Dear Aunt TUAW, With the new launch of Mountain Lion and its new features, I have somehow started looking at my old mid-2009 MacBook Pro with disdain. One of the features I looked forward to was AirPlay Mirroring which unfortunately my older model can't support due to hardware limitations. [T...

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Mountain Lion 101: AirPlay Mirroring

One of the flagship iOS features to carry over to OS X Mountain Lion is AirPlay Mirroring, which allows users to mirror their desktop to an Apple TV. System audio can also be streamed to AirPlay-compatible devices, which means that apps without custom AirPlay support (like Spotify) can stream dire...

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Kanex ATV Pro connects Apple TV to VGA projectors

Kanex has just released the US$59 ATV Pro HDMI to VGA adapter. This little video adapter may well be a hit with teachers and presenters who want to mirror their iPad screens to VGA projectors -- without tethering the iPad to a clunky VGA cable. Up until now, if you intended to display your iP...

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Gigabit 802.11ac Wi-Fi may be coming to Apple devices soon

Apple was the first computer manufacturer to popularize Wi-Fi, pioneering the adoption of the early 802.11b standard, then 802.11g, and raising the speed limit with 802.11n in 2007. Now AppleInsider is reporting that the company is expected to start providing support for the "Gigabit Wi-Fi" 802.11...

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iOS 5 AirPlay Mirroring demo brings games and more to the big screen

One of the most anticipated features of iOS 5, at least in my book, is AirPlay Mirroring. This feature endows the iPad 2 with the ability to wirelessly mirror all video on the screen of the device to an Apple TV 2. No longer is mirroring just enabled in a few apps here and there -- anything on ...

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