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AirStash provides wireless, portable documents for iPhone and iPad

I've been using an AirStash (US$99.99) for about a week and have grown to like it very much. This tidy little device stores movies, music, documents and photos for portable, wireless sharing between iPhones and iPads. It allows you to stream those files via its own Wi-Fi network and share with col...

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AirStash beta adds support for WebDAV and iPad apps

Not content with effectively adding unlimited storage to your iPhone and iPad, AirStash developer Wearable Inc. is introducing a public beta of the ability to read and write iWork files via WebDAV, making it easier to take your work with you wherever you go. AirStash is a WiFi-connected f...

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Airstash brings wireless storage to iPhone

In 2007 I thought that my 8GB iPhone was as large as I would ever need. Two and a half years later and I've already filled up the 16GB storage of my iPhone 3GS. Enter AirStash, an expandable flash drive (via SD memory) that you will be able to access from your iPhone. Simply plug AirStash into your...

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