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Tag: All Things Digital

Weekend Poll: What would you have asked Tim Cook at All Things Digital?

On Tuesday, Tim Cook took the stage at D11: All Things Digital. Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg spent nearly an hour and a half asking Cook about Apple's future plans and directions, questions he evaded with dignity and forbearance. Topics included wearable tech, Apple's potential foray into televi...

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iPhones now being sold by 200 carriers worldwide

Whether or not a new iPhone will be introduced this year is largely irrelevant to sales of the device, according to Goldman Sachs analyst Bill Shope, quoted in a Wall Street Journal All Things Digital post today. That's primarily due to the continuing addition of new carriers throughout the world...

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Mac growth outpaces market for 19 straight quarters

If you've been following Apple's quarterly financial calls for the past several years, you know that many of the new products -- iPhone and iPad, specifically -- have been selling like the proverbial hotcakes. But you might be surprised to know that Apple's 27 year-old Macintosh personal computer l...

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Mossberg says the iPad is the top 2010 product

Wall Street Journal tech journalist Walt Mossberg says the iPad is "amazing" and his favorite product of 2010. He added that "with the new iOS 4.2 operating system and its huge selection of apps, the iPad continues to stay ahead of the competition." No arguments from here. Apple has redefined the ta...

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Analyst says Apple is working on thinner CDMA-GSM iPad

With speculation about suppliers for the 2nd generation iPad already flying about, we're also hearing that Apple is working on creating a "World iPad" that would contain both GSM and CDMA capabilities making it compatible with phone carriers around the world. According to All Things Digital, analyst...

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Walt Mossberg travels to Paris with iPad instead of laptop

Walt Mossberg, personal technology journalist for the Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital, posted a column yesterday about using an iPad on a "working vacation" to Paris. Mossberg decided to forgo his usual laptop on a 10-day trip to Paris, relying instead on his iPad, a smartphone, and a sm...

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Analyst: iPad to sell 28m in 2011, impacting PC market

Both All Things D and AppleInsider report that, according to the analyst Maynard Um at UBS Investment research, the iPad is having a negative impact on the PC market. In a note to his clients, the analyst Um says, "Sales of traditional notebooks appear to be feeling pressure from the iPad, causing a...

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Steve Jobs: Facebook had "onerous terms" for Ping

Steve Jobs was surprisingly candid with All Things Digital's Kara Swisher yesterday -- he reportedly told her that both Facebook and Apple had spoken about integrating more closely with the new iTunes social network Ping, but Facebook asked for "onerous terms that we could not agree to" regarding F...

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Full 90-min video of Steve Jobs at All Things Digital 8 posted

The folks at All Things Digital have posted the full-length video of the interview that Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher did with Steve Jobs at D8. As usual, Steve provided several memorable moments. This year, he discussed the tragic situation at Foxconn, where many Apple products are assembled...

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Flurry agrees to stop device data collection

Steve Jobs said a lot of interesting things on stage at the D8 conference last night (I'm surprised I haven't seen a t-shirt with "My sex life is pretty good" on it yet), but he did put one issue to rest. Third-party agencies like Flurry Analytics and others who use iPhone applications to track ...

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Steve Jobs live on stage tonight at D8 conference

Steve Jobs is scheduled to appear on stage tonight at D8 in Los Angeles, and Engadget is blogging live from the event. Steve will be on stage live at 6pm Pacific Time (9 Eastern), so if you're around, tune in over there to see what's happening live at the event. We'll have a wrapup back here on ...

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Steve Jobs to appear at All Things Digital 8

Kara Swisher announced this week that Apple CEO Steve Jobs will appear on stage at this year's All Things Digital Conference, D8. In fact, Steve will kick things off with an on-stage interview on opening night. Other famous guests will include James Cameron and Steve Ballmer. As Swisher notes, th...

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Apple pitching "all you can watch for $30 a month" TV to networks

Apple is already the huge name in the music business with the iTunes Store, and they've made continual inroads into the application, video, and movie markets as well. But what if Apple also became the content provider of choice for TV? That idea isn't that far-fetched, according to a blog post by...

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Uncle Walt says "Apple's built-in software still has the edge"

Walt Mossberg, the curmudgeonly, smooth-pated personal technology blogger at The Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital, has released his fall computer-buying guide. And when Walt talks, people listen. Mossberg is usually very kind to Apple products, which probably explains why he gets the late...

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A Kafkaesque announcement of an Apple keynote the week of September 7th

Kafkaesque is defined as "characteristic or reminiscent of the oppressive or nightmarish qualities of Franz Kafka's fictional world." That's the way Wall Street Journal All Things Digital blogger Peter Kafka (no relation as far as I know) must be feeling. Music industry sources are telling him th...

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