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Peel to test real-time polling of TV shows

Remember Peel? The pear-shaped IR blaster and accompanying remote control app was given the TUAW review treatment last July by our very own Victor Agreda, Jr. The company has announced that starting this week, they'll be testing a real-time polling feature in the app. Not surprisingly, the polling ...

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American Idol tab in Wi-Fi iTunes store

If you have recently used the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store on the iPhone or iPod touch, then you may have noticed a new tab that Apple added. In the "Featured" category, you will find an "American Idol" tab beside "New Releases" and "Genres." Now you can get your American Idol fix any time you're aroun...

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American Idol comes to iTunes

OK, guilty pleasure alert -- I kind of love American Idol. In fact, I have previously referred to it as, "my crack." I even named my MacBook, "Simon" because it was purchased with money I made writing about the show last season (and because I am a GIGANTIC dork). And even though I'm not professional...

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Carrie Underwood sets iTunes record

The question of Sanjaya's hair-styles aside, American Idol is a music phenomenon. Carrie Underwood's American Idol Gives Back recording of "I'll Stand by You" just became the first iTunes-exclusive track to debut in the Billboard Hot 100's Top 10 according to Country Standard Time. "I'll Stand By Yo...

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My Dream App launches

Phill Ryu's My Dream App has officially launched today. What is My Dream App? Think American Idol for Mac software, think America's Got Talent with software developers and no Hasselhoff. The idea is that non-programmers have ideas for apps they would love to see, but they lack the skills to make th...

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Commercial Success and As Heard On added to iTunes

Just in case you haven't heard by now, there are two new sections in the iTunes Music Store, one of which I think is brilliant and the other which I am sure will be popular (but doesn't float my boat). Commercial Success is the answer to all those situations when you heard a song on some Coke commer...

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