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Could a closed Mac be in Apple's future?

By all accounts, and despite the groans of inconvenienced developers, iPhone OS has been a smashing success. In the second quarter of 2010, Apple sold roughly 20 million iPhone and iPods, compared to about 3 million Macs. The iPad alone has already sold its millionth unit. That means there are a lot...

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iPhone devsugar: 9 ways Apple can improve App Store

Apple has been working hard to make the App Store a better experience for both customers and developers. Recently, they introduced in-app purchases, scheduled sale prices for apps, provided review status indicators in iTunes Connect, and introduced other new features. Despite that, they still have a...

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iPhone devsugar: The need for multiple ipa delivery

App Store clutter remains an ongoing issue. In addition to "business card" applications that offer little or no functionality beyond a simple web page[1], there are lite editions, demo editions, full editions, and even in the case of Tweetie 2, completely new applications providing upgraded function...

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Should you be building universal apps for App Store?

Universal apps. They're the solution for delivering your iPhone OS application to both the iPhone and the iPad and having it run natively on each without silly make-do's like pixel doubling. It's a way to ensure that your app "fits" each platform, providing art and interfaces that match the target s...

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TUAW redux: The future of iPhone OS and Mac OS

One of the big topics of discussion yesterday in our TUAW back channel was this post from the New York Times Bits blog. In "Why can't PCs work more like iPhones," Bilton pointed out that the iPhone has given Apple a chance to build a new OS from the ground up. This is a familiar viewpoint to us h...

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Tablet analysis and opinion: What TUAW has put on the table

In light of the current tablet frenzy, TUAW is not alone shouting "Tablet, Tablet!" from the rooftops. The tablet has been a widespread and consistent story from several directions which we have been compiling and discussing. Over the last few weeks, TUAW has depended on multiple background sources ...

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Publishing different: What the tablet brings to the table

Like newspapers before them, traditional book publishers are facing the reality of the new digital world. With Apple's much anticipated tablet expected to debut within the next few months, they're under more pressure than ever before to "Think Different". Moving from print to digital isn't a smooth ...

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Zaprudering the invite: Obsessive fun with TUAW

As you can see in the image at the top of this post, several features stood out to our TUAW team. Mike Rose was first to notice that the art used spray paint rather than finger paint, as you might expect for a tablet event invite. "Could this be a hint of MacPaint Pro?" asked Steve Sande. "That woul...

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App Store approvals and the tablet: why it matters

When iTunes Connect returned after its Christmas break, developers noticed that things had changed quite a bit on the App Store approval front. Applications that had formerly taken ten to fourteen days to work through review were now getting processed in a couple of days or less. The upshot? Happ...

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