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iLife '09 gets the Software Update treatment

Apple just released some updates for iLife '09 via Software Update. In a very un-Apple fashion, the release notes are actually sort of descriptive! Here's the breakdown: iLife Support -- this is for iLife '09, iWork '09 and Aperture 2 users and it addresses some memory leaks, custom folder issue...

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Maperture brings geotagging to Aperture

Maperture is a nifty little plugin for Aperture that lets you geotag photos in your library. We've covered quite a few different geotagging apps for the Mac, but this is the first one that works so well with Aperture as a plugin. Basically, Maperture integrates an interface to Google Maps which al...

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Aperture 2.1 SDK available

When Aperture 2.1 was released last month it added a plug-in architecture allowing third-party developers to add editing tools. While some of the bigger names have already been working on such plugins, Apple has now released the SDK so you can too (provided, that is, you can write sophisticated imag...

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Many developers working on Aperture 2.1 plugins

When Apple released Aperture 2.1 last week the big news was that the editing API will allow selection based editing in Apple's flagship image management application. But what good is an API without developers? So it's heartening to see how many are jumping on board. Rob Galbraith has a good post on ...

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TUAW Review: Zooming in on Aperture 2, an introduction

With murmurings of Aperture 2 maybe, just maybe, arriving on the scene 'very soon', this morning's store down-time left one blogger hoping not for new hardware (I picked up a new Black MacBook just last weekend) but that Aperture 2 would arrive. I've been a huge, huge fan of Aperture since I picked ...

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iLife '08 Support update available

Just in time for Aperture 2, a minor support update has just been issued for iLife '08. The update, to quote the Apple description page, ."..supports system software components shared by all iLife '08 applications to improve their stability and performance," as well as fixing providing bug fixes for...

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