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Guest blogger Aaron Watkins: ‚ÄčiOS 8 Provides New Features to Help App Marketers

The WWDC keynote can be a stressful time for app developers. You never know quite what is going to be presented when that famous "one more thing" is revealed. Whether it's a whole new programming language to learn, or Apple suddenly takes the key selling feature of your number one app and makes th...

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Whiteboard plus paint equals huge iPad at app agency

The above picture was taken in the offices of Appency, a PR firm that helps market and sell mobile apps, including iPhone and iPad apps. It's indeed a big iPad, though instead of a functioning touchscreen, the whole thing is actually a working whiteboard painted onto the wall. Founder Aaron Wat...

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PhotoAge analysis of Steve Jobs over the years

The PhotoAge iPhone app ($0.99) is a fun little app that I have a love-hate relationship with. I love it, because it's fun to see how old the app thinks people are. I also hate PhotoAge, because it said I was 10 years older than I actually am and that result was used with evil intent at a Macwo...

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