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Twelve South BackPack gets a nice update for its third birthday

When Apple accessory design shop Twelve South first got into business three years ago, its fate rode on the success of one product -- the BackPack. This product consists of a shelf with tool-free clips that can be used on the "arm" of any iMac or Apple Thunderbolt (or Cinema) Display, and it's ...

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Kanex offers switch for 2 Macs, 1 Cinema Display with SnapX

Kanex has a new switch, the SnapX, that lets you connect two Macs with one Apple Cinema Display. The SnapX is an all-in-one unit that ships with two mini DisplayPort cables, two USB connectors and one button to switch between the two machines. Besides a video signal, the SnapX uses the USB ca...

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Rain Design's iMac turntable sends the iMac for a spin

iMacs are great, except when you have one sitting with its back to a wall and you need to plug something into the back of it. Particularly with the larger models, you end up having to pick up the iMac and swing it around to get to those ports on the back. Wouldn't it be a lot easier if you could jus...

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Quick! Where's the debug menu?

Matt Thomas has a bug stuck in his 23" Apple Cinema Display. Amusingly, the little fella is still alive: check out the video above to see it wandering across his screen. He has absolutely no idea how to get the bug out (although one commentator suggests he should lure the bug out with morsels of foo...

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