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An Apple flip phone from 1984 and a tablet from 1979

In the early 1980s, noted industrial designer Hartmut Esslinger began working with Apple where he and his consultancy firm "Frog Design" helped shape the look and feel of Apple products for a number of years. Most notably, Esslinger is credited with shifting the aesthetic of Apple computers from b...

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Deciding on a tablet by comparing specs? You've missed the point

Last night, I was browsing through story after story on the interwebs that hoped to help people decide on a tablet purchase by comparing the Motorola Xoom specifications with the iPad 2. From multitasking to chip speed to RAM, analysists attempted to find consumers the best possible value for the...

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Found Footage: Beautiful Apple design

In the tradition of the "30 years of Apple in 2 minutes" video we recently featured, here's a well-photographed, albeit incomplete, look at some of Apple's best designs. It starts off with the "beige angles" of the Apple II, Lisa and Macintosh before progressing to the "dark portables" (Apple Qu...

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Michael Lopp on how Apple thinks different in design

Over at Business Week, Helen Walters has an interesting summary of a presentation given by Michael Lopp at SXSW on Apple's design process. Lopp is a senior engineering manager at Apple and gives a sneak peek at the process that Apple uses to bring such great products to the market. Particularly int...

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Partially inside Apple's design process

Daniel Turner set out to write an article for the MIT Technology Review on the design process that went into the iPhone but, perhaps unsurprisingly, he ran into a wall at Apple. Instead he has penned this nice look at the overall Apple design process, drawing on interviews with former Apple employee...

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Cleverly revised iSight indicator in the new Core 2 Duo MacBook Pros

Apple has removed the obvious green "online" indicator dot and accompanying hole that used to be just to the right of the iSight lens hole on the MacBook Pro and replaced it with a subtle integrated green LED just under the surface of the bezel that only appears when the iSight is engaged. Nice tou...

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