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New Snow Leopard discussions on Apple's Developer Forums

Apple has relaxed a long-standing policy of restrictiveness regarding open conversation about unreleased versions of Mac OS X by creating a Snow Leopard discussion forum for developers. Historically, Apple has prevented conversation about future versions even among those bound by the same Non-Disclo...

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Developers! Join the Improve The App Store Movement

It's no secret that iPhone app developers are less than happy with the App Store. The criteria for approval of iPhone apps is arcane and approval can take anywhere from a couple of days to months. There's currently no way for developers to "hook" people on apps with a free demo. It's apparent that t...

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WWDC 08 session videos available

In case you missed WWDC 08 because of a project deadline, the impending birth of your first child, or you just couldn't make it, Apple Developer Connection now has the conference sessions available on video. The videos aren't cheap -- each track (iPhone, Mac, or IT) costs $499, or you can get all of...

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Web Development for iPhone

Lest you think I hate web development for the iPhone, I thought I would point out this section on Apple's Developer Connection. The iPhone section deals with developing web applications that play nicely with the iPhone. Included on the site is sample code, video of the WWDC session called 'Designin...

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WWDC sessions available to all ADC members on iTunes

Back in October, Apple dropped DVDs as their distribution system of choice for WWDC sessions and presentation slides. The company moved all this content to iTunes - but only for Select and Premiere members of the ADC (Apple Developer Connection). Today I just received an ADC email titled "Watch M...

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Leopard Tech Talk

Leopard is a pretty big deal to developers and users alike, and Apple knows this. That's why they are kicking off a series of Tech Talks around North America that are geared towards helping developers, both big and small, to prepare for Leopard. The Tech Talk schedule is as follows: San Francis...

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Yojimbo: Made possible by Tiger

The Apple Developer Connection spoke with the folks at Bare Bones about Yojimbo, their application for organizing just about everything, and how Apple technologies made it possible. Core Data, Sync Services, and Cocoa created the perfect storm, in the form of Tiger, that combined to form Yojimbo, af...

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Apple talks with developers about audio Universal apps

The Apple Developer Connection has posted a short feature consisting of quotes from several well known audio programmers and how the move to Intel has affected their products and their development process. It isn't shocking to find that these programmers are excited about the performance gains that ...

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Apple Design Awards 2006 now accepting entries

"Show off your latest feat of programming genius," says the Apple Developer Connection email announcing the call for entries to their 11th annual Design Awards. Recognizing "technical excellence and outstanding achievement in developing Mac OS X software," there are eight award c...

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WWDC Student Scholarship Program now open

TUAW reader Nolan B noticed that ADC (Apple Developer Connection) student members can now apply for a scholarship to WWDC 2006, Apple's annual World Wide Developer Conference, being held August 7-11 this year in San Francisco. Scholarship winners receive a free ticket which includes total access to ...

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Improve your searches with Nuevos

Search utilities for the Finder's menu bar certainly aren't anything new, but Nuevos by Waffle Software is a nice one (and free!). With Nuevos installed, you can query any number of online search engines, including ones you've defined yourself. Create keystrokes to select the particular engine you w...

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