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Two Apple keyboards, 24 years apart

Here we have an Apple Lisa keyboard alongside one of the company's current offerings. There's something about those old, massive keyboards that still feels great. The massive key travel distance, the satisfying snap of a keystroke, and the fact that you could probably live through a zombie attack...

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Musicality: AirPlay popular music services to enabled speakers

Musicality (US$9.99) offers one-app access to Pandora, Last.fm, and Grooveshark streaming music services. What's more, it adds in extra features that integrate with Growl notifications (so you can immediately see what song is playing, even when the app itself is hidden) and AirPlay. It's this latte...

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Add a number keypad to your Apple Wireless Keyboard

Still find yourself reaching for the non-existent number keypad on your Apple Wireless Keyboard? Well, it looks like you may be in luck: Wireless Goodness has uncovered some information about LMP's new 28-key Bluetooth keypad. Running off two AA batteries and made from the same anodized aluminum fi...

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Apple's new keyboards not working for some

When I saw the new Apple keyboards I knew one had to be mine. I'm a huge fan of my MacBook's keyboard, and the new Apple keyboard is a MacBook keyboard you can attach to any number of Macs, what could go wrong? Once I got my new keyboard in the mail I set it up on my iMac. I downloaded the Keyboa...

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