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AirPlay running on XBMC Linux box

AirPlay. It's not just for Apple products anymore. The video you see on the next page shows an XBMC install on a Ubuntu Linux box running an AirPlay client service. As with the AirPlayer solution I wrote for the Mac, the XBMC application advertises on Bonjour and can be played to directly from the b...

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Apple TV Hacking: Spelunking into the AirPlay video service

When Apple announced its new iOS 4.2 feature set, Apple TV's AirPlay video service really caught our attention. That's why we were particularly disappointed when 4.2 debuted on Monday -- only Apple's own applications could ship video from iDevices to the 2nd generation Apple TV; third party app...

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Apple TV Hacks: Ports and wikis

The Apple TV jailbreak community remains in a holding pattern. As yet, the greenp0ison and limera1n jailbreak tools do not install command-line/full file access to the box, a precondition for most kinds of application development. That doesn't mean there aren't interesting events going on, however. ...

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Apple TV hacking update: Bluetooth, white lists, ports, cables

We continue to keep track of Apple TV's hacking potential; here's another quick update of the new hardware. iFixit confirms that there's an on-board Bluetooth chip: "The Broadcom BCM4329XKUBG 802.11n Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/FM chip on the Panasonic board is exactly the same as the one we found on the iPa...

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Talkcast tonight: Apple TV 3 reactions and Halloween candy hangovers

Assuming that your Mac isn't still bogged down from the switch back to Standard Time, you should c'mon out tonight and join us for the talkcast. Tonight we'll be talking Apple TV 3.0; if you've upgraded already, we want to hear about your experience, and if you haven't upgraded yet, we want to kn...

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Apple TV software update delayed

Just a quick update on the status of the Apple TV software upgrade: according to Apple's web site, the software is not quite ready and will be available in one to two weeks. As we covered during MWSF, the Apple TV Take 2 (or as I like to call it, Apple TV Redux) will feature support buying music/mo...

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