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Does Toronto wall mural show a new iPad dashboard? No, it's just iPhoto for iOS

TUAW reader Jon Hung forwarded us this photo showing a wall mural that is in the progress of being painted on the side of a fire station at 260 Adelaide St. W. in Toronto, Ontario. The beautiful, super-sized mural shows what appears to be a new iPad dashboard, complete with weather, the date an...

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Huge Apple ads ruffle feathers in Boston

Last week I was in Boston and drove past the ad pictured at right, as I have done many times. Even though it first went up in 2007, I still think, "Man, that is a big ad." Boston's Outdoor Advertising Board agrees. Two years ago, they declared the 13,750 square-foot monstrosity illegal because...

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Take a stroll down memory lane

Most Mac users know the ads that Apple produces are really good and very effective at getting a message across. It's pretty much been that way from the start. Don't believe me? Web Designer Depot has collected ads that go way back to the Apple II, and it's a fun trip. I remember most of these ads, a...

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Clever iPod advertising in South Africa

Starting with the infamous 1984 Super Bowl television commercial, Apple's advertising campaigns have become almost as unique and interesting as their retail products. Check out some images of this recent campaign, created by Net#Work BBDO in South Africa to announce the functionality of video iPods...

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