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Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley explains why Apple's stock price is poised to explode

With shares of Apple just on the verge of breaching the $100/share mark -- and setting an all-time high in the process -- Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty this week put out a research note detailing a number of reasons why the time is ripe to invest in Apple. Though shares of Apple have been on...

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Without buybacks or dividends, Apple would have $210 billion in the bank

Apple's capital return program, originally announced back in March of 2012, has already returned vast amounts of money to shareholders in the form of dividends and stock buybacks Since its first incarnation, Apple has dramatically increased the scope of its stock buyback program, announcing in Apri...

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Apple's stock buybacks spurred massive share price increase

With Apple making more money than it knows what to do with, the company in March of 2012 announced a capital return program consisting of stock buybacks and dividends. The initial program was designed to return $45 billion in value to shareholders, but as the money continued to roll in, Apple earlie...

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What you need to know about Apple's upcoming stock split

In just a few days, Apple will be splitting its shares for the first time in over 9 years. The stock split will be a 7-1 split and will operate to make the stock more affordable to casual investors. With the stock split just around the corner, below is a primer on why Apple is splitting the stock...

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Apple stock tops $600 per share for first time in 18 months

Since posting stellar earnings last week, not to mention the announcement of a widely-expanded capital return program, shares of Apple have been on the rise in a major way. During the last three trading days alone, Apple shares have increased by $76.21, which amounts to a rather sizeable 15.6% bum...

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Apple last quarter spent more money on stock buybacks than Google generated in revenue

Since March of 2012, Apple has nearly tripled its capital return program. What started out as a US$45 billion effort to return value to shareholders has now skyrocketed to a $130 billion program. In conjunction with Apple's increased capital return program, the company recently made available...

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Apple's $14 billion stock buyback helps save money on dividend payments

Tim Cook yesterday revealed that Apple in the last two weeks alone snatched up US$14 billion worth of its own shares. That's an astounding figure that really puts Carl Icahn's investment in Apple to shame. To help put the $14 billion buyback into context, this tweet from Sammy the Walrus IV certainl...

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Apple buys back $14 billion worth of own shares in 2 weeks and other news for Feb. 6, 2014

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple, in the last two weeks alone, repurchased US$14 billion worth of its own shares. Recall that when Apple announced its earnings two weeks ago, the company posted an all-time quarterly record for revenue, along with record iPhone and iPad sales. But in...

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To date, Apple has spent $28 billion on stock buybacks and $15.8 billion on dividend payments

Apple last April announced plans to substantially increase its dividend and share-repurchasing program to US$100 billion. Apple's press release at the time explained that the company "expects to utilize a total of $100 billion of cash under the expanded program by the end of calendar 2015." Of that...

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Apple files Preliminary Proxy Statement with SEC, urges shareholders to oppose Carl Icahn's share buyback proposal

Apple on Friday posted its Preliminary Proxy Statement with the SEC. The statement provides notice that Apple's annual shareholders meeting is scheduled to take place in 2014 on Friday, February 28. The meeting will see shareholders consider five proposals, one of which is activist investor Carl Ic...

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33 years ago today, Apple launched its IPO

On December 12, 1980, Apple became a public company when it launched its IPO. Shares were initially priced at US$22, making a number of Apple employees, including a young Steve Jobs, instant millionaires. EDN reports: The shares sold out almost immediately and the IPO generated more capital tha...

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Why following Apple stock is not for the faint of heart

The unveiling of the iPhone 5s and 5c precipitated a nearly 51-point drop in shares of Apple, falling from US$505 to $454 in less than a week's time. The recent decline in Apple's share price serves as a prime example of why keeping a close eye on Apple's stock performance is often an exercise in c...

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How iPhone launches affect the price of Apple stock

With Apple's iPhone event about a day away, we can expect new iPhones to hit store shelves in just a few weeks. While a few rumors have pointed to a September 20 launch date, we'll have to wait until tomorrow to know for certain. Either way, an iPhone launch is steadily approaching. That being th...

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Icahn reportedly invested over $1.5 billion in Apple, stake in company still less than 1%

While initial reports indicated that billionaire investor Carl Icahn invested US$1 billion in Apple stock, the Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Icahn may have put more than $1.5 billion into Apple. Recall that shares of Apple skyrocketed by over 20 points yesterday following word of Icahn'...

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ITC's ban of certain Samsung devices boosts Apple market cap

Propelled by a favorable ITC ruling last Friday, shares of Apple shot up by US$12.91 on Monday, finishing the trading day at $467.36. Indeed, shares of Apple on Monday closed at their second highest level since February of 2013. Though the success of the iPhone is routinely measured against Android...

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