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My First Apple and why it rocks

I got my first Apple computer about 4 years ago. I have always been into music production, photography, and anything creative, and I had heard from lots of people that Macs worked better then PC's when it came to these things. I ended up looking on Ebay for a few weeks and eventually bought a white ...

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January 1 reflections on my favorite things

January 1 is always a little strange. A quiet time after a night out, a time to take the tree down and deal with all the green light cords that started out so neatly applied and wind up a tangled maze of complexity. Time to get rid of all the holiday wrappings and hope the trash pickup is soon. I...

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Apple Computer vs. Apple Corps

Dear Apple Corps: I was a huge Sesame Street fan growing up. My parents didn't let us watch most of the junk of TV but Sesame Street was on the approved list. And so I became quite familiar with the show and and some of its memorable songs. The "pinball" song that counts from 1-12, or Erni...

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