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Talkcast tonight: Legal eagles coming home to roost

Tonight on the Talkcast, we'll recap and review the surprisingly rapid -- and, for Apple, refreshingly positive -- verdict in the US patent infringement trial. Samsung's pocketbook may end up lighter, but there are months of appeals and aftermath ahead. Our special guest Jeff Gamet of The Mac Obs...

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ATD: Samsung could have licensed Apple patents in 2010

Sitting through a patent trial day after day is a tough assignment for AllThingsD's Ina Fried, as today's technical testimony led the judge to inquire of the jury if anyone needed caffeine. But the flip side of the eyelid-drooping legal process is the occasional scoop. Tonight ATD reports that Sam...

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Court lifts the curtain on iPhone, iPad US sales numbers

In the deluge of documents, inside baseball and offbeat revelations emerging from Judge Lucy Koh's courtroom as the Apple/Samsung trial proceeds, there are some genuine gems. AllThingsD's Ina Fried points out a pair of disclosures that reveal, in finer detail than either company would like, the e...

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