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Mac 101: Using the OS X application switcher for more than moving between apps

Command-Tab​​ key combination is familiar to most experienced Mac users. It brings up the Application Switcher, allowing you to switch from one application to another just by hitting the Tab key to cycle through the running applications. If you know the correct key combinations you also can close ...

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Snow Leopard 101: Application Switcher Exposé

One of the refinements in Snow Leopard is a slightly under-the-radar trick for using Exposé from the Application Switcher. The Application Switcher is a quick way to jump between open applications, similar to the Windows Alt-Tab (at least that's what it was last time I used Windows). On a Mac...

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Witch 2.0 goes shareware

Peter Maurer has announced the release of Witch 2.0, an update to the handy pop-up window switcher from Many Tricks. Witch lets you to use the keyboard to bring up a bezel listing of the titles of all open windows, and allows you to switch between, "zoom, minimize/deminimize and close windows on th...

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Mac 101: Drag and drop in the Application Switcher

We've talked previously about the wonders of the Application Switcher, the translucent bar that comes up when you hit ???-Tab. However, thanks to Macworld I realized today that the Leopard version adds a great feature that should have been there a long time ago: drag and drop. In Leopard the applic...

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