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How many apps do you have on your Mac? [Poll]

Yesterday we asked readers how many apps they had installed on their iPhones. Out of the almost 1,100 responses, a majority of readers (38%) said that they had over 500 apps! Comments ranged from "I have 16 apps and I rarely use those" to "I have over a thousand", but I find it fascinating that our ...

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TUAW TV Live: The essential applications and tools anthology

This week on TUAW TV Live, I am covering for Steve Sande while he is on a boat. Today I will talk about some of our favorite apps and accessories we have loved over the last 30 years of Apple. Time to dig up your memories of the AppleWorks and come along for the ride. To join in to watch the live...

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Best Mac apps of 2013: Talkcast recap

On this Sunday's TUAW Talkcast, several Mac pundits picked out their favorite Mac apps of 2013. Our own Michael Rose convened the panel, including GeekBeat TV host Benjamin Roethig; TUAW TV Live host Shawn "Doc Rock" Boyd (who hates snow); longtime TUAW contributor, app developer and podcaster Bre...

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Call of Duty Elite mobile apps for iOS out today

Activision has announced that its Call of Duty Elite mobile apps are arriving on iOS today -- they should be available for download from the App Store before long. The apps do require you to be registered to the Elite service (which works in conjunction to track all of your stats from the extre...

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HTML5 game running on Apple TV

The Apple TV 2 could become a new platform for playing HTML5-based games and applications. A hacker installed the Couch Surfer browser on a jailbroken Apple TV and used it to play an HTML5 version of BlackJack. The game is rudimentary, but it's a sign that the Apple TV is capable of more than j...

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GetJar responds to Apple's cease and desist over App Store term

It's come out this week that Apple sent a letter last month to mobile application database GetJar asking them to cease and desist using the term "App Store" to describe their mobile app offerings. Apple's been trying to keep the term "App Store" for itself, with varying degrees of success, and ...

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Taipei insists Apple, Google offer seven-day free trial for apps

In an unusual story coming out of Taiwan, the Taipei City Government is supposedly forcing local divisions of Apple and Google to provide a free seven-day trial for mobile applications. The Taipei Times claims the government is threatening to levy heavy fines, up to US$50,000 or more, if Apple do...

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Many iPhone owners run apps before getting out of bed

When you wake up in the morning, bleary-eyed and still in bed, do you reach for your phone to check Facebook or read an email? If you answered yes, you are not alone. According to a survey conducted by telecommunications hardware manufacturer Ericsson, 35 percent of respondents grab their iPhone ...

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iPhone apps that beat Apple's default apps

There's a nice little article over at Apple Matters about how, wonderful though Apple might be, there are still some things that others do better - in particular, certain apps for your iOS devices. Their list starts with the US$1.99 Instacast, which indeed does a better job of managing and find...

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EyeTV for iOS 1.2.3 released, introduces AirPlay support

Today, Elgato released version 1.2.3 of its iOS EyeTV software. Now available for download from iTunes, the US$4.99 EyeTV app finally adds the highly-requested AirPlay support so many customers have been looking for. EyeTV's iOS app works with your home computer, allowing you to view programs r...

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Finder now offers to search Mac App Store for unknown file types

If you try to open a file in the Finder and it doesn't recognize the extension, it will now offer to search the Mac App Store for applications that can open that file type. Before the Mac App Store's launch, the alert panel you see above would simply say, "There is no default application specified ...

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Mac 101: The two Applications folders

Mac users quickly come to know the /Applications/ directory, where you will find all of the default applications that come with OS X (Safari, Mail, iChat, Preview, iCal and so on), as well as the Utilities folder (/Applications/Utilities/), where more advanced users get to know Activity Monitor, Ter...

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MacBundles invites customers to 'Build Your Own Bundle'

Ever since the success of MacHeist, it seems like resellers offering bundles of applications at heavily discounted prices are proliferating. MacBundles has an interesting new twist: a la carte application bundles. Just like buying a CD that has a few songs you really like along with a bunch of fille...

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Keep your CPU under control with App Tamer

It's been a little while since we've heard from St. Clair Software, makers of the well-known system utility, Default Folder X (which we've covered before). You may recall that we caught up with St. Clair Software developer Jon Gotow at WWDC '09. Well, he's got something new to announce today: App Ta...

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Flurry agrees to stop device data collection

Steve Jobs said a lot of interesting things on stage at the D8 conference last night (I'm surprised I haven't seen a t-shirt with "My sex life is pretty good" on it yet), but he did put one issue to rest. Third-party agencies like Flurry Analytics and others who use iPhone applications to track ...

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