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No WWDC tickets? Go to AltWWDC 2013 instead

As expected, WWDC 2013 tickets sold out in record time. If you are one of the many disappointed developers locked out of Apple's premier developer event yet again, take heart. The folks behind Appsterdam and a number of other developer events are organizing AltWWDC this year, a free 5-day event...

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Appsterdam's Mike Lee returns with Lemurs Chemistry: Water game for iOS

In March of this year, I had the pleasure of a brief, unplanned visit with "The World's Toughest Programmer," Mike Lee, at the Appsterdam headquarters in the Netherlands. TUAW readers know Mike for his long stint with Delicious Monster, followed by his advocacy and frequent conference appearanc...

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Appsterdam at WWDC 2012

Another excellent opportunity for developers who didn't get a ticket to WWDC 2012, but are going anyway (or live in San Francisco -- there's a few, I hear) is Appsterdam at WWDC. Veteran developer Mike Lee built a successful developer vibe in the Netherlands, now his team is bringing that same ...

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360iDev: Mike Lee talks about mariachi, project engineering and Appsterdam

Mike Lee, former Apple and Delicious Monster employee, is among the most dynamic speakers on the Mac and Apple circuit -- whether he's telling dirty jokes or waxing poetic about beauty and insanity, he's always entertaining and insightful about product development and Apple culture in general. ...

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Appsterdam founder rallies developers for legal protection

Mac and iOS developer Mike Lee has announced the Appsterdam Legal Defense Team, meant to defend independent developers against the patent claims recently made by the likes of Lodsys. Mike tells his fellow developers that "rally time starts now," while outlining the defense team's immediate p...

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Appsterdam: building a haven for app developers in Amsterdam

Mike Lee, formerly of Apple and Tapulous, has moved to Amsterdam and is looking to set up a new application development community. Lee left the US after he became disillusioned with how the country and the development community was headed. He was frustrated with not being able to afford heath i...

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