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Tag: Astronomy

iPhone users taking astronomical photos with the help of NightCap Pro

Taking pictures of stars and deep sky objects with an iPhone would not have been something I thought would have worked, but as Apple hardware improves with better low light camera performance, apps are there to exploit it and push the envelope. Several users of NightCap Pro, an app designed for n...

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Star Walk Kids is a fun constellation browser for children

Star Walk Kids is a version of the astronomy apps Star Walk and Star Walk 2 - the latter of which TUAW's own Mel Martin called "impressively good looking" - designed specifically for educating kids about the wonders of the stars and the universe. It features use of the iPhone and iPad's built-in g...

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Star Walk 2 mostly improves on the original

Star Walk 2 (US$2.99 with in-app purchases) is a solid update from the original award winning Star Walk astronomy program. This new version has a re-designed interface with the look and feel of each element beautifully crafted and drawing you into the inner workings of the app. One of the horizon...

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Use your iPhone camera to grab Perseids meteor photos

We are in the middle of the Perseids meteor shower over the next couple of days. This particular shower is made up of cosmic debris from Comet Swift-Tuttle. The peak nights should be tonight and tomorrow (August 11-12, 2014) , although there are always variables that can cause earlier or later pea...

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PhotoPills is just what the doctor ordered for pro and serious amateur photographers

Outdoor photographers are going to love PhotoPills. This US$9.99 app is a treasure trove of information for photographers who do most of their work outside. The app allows you to plan your photography for any location on earth by letting you know where the sun and moon will be, provides depth of fi...

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Elevation Mars will let you tour the red planet on iOS

Elevation Mars (U.S. $2.99) is a beautiful science-based app that will let you tour high resolution imagery of the 4th planet from our Sun and explore it in ways that simply can't be done from a book. The app starts with a topographic map of Mars, and you can gesture to zoom, rotate and tilt the ma...

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Two great astronomy apps for your holiday stargazing

As you've no doubt noticed, here in North America the skies are very crisp and transparent in the winter -- when the clouds have parted, of course. We also get the brightest star in the sky, Sirius, and some lovely constellations. I've got two really well-done astronomy apps for you that have just ...

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The Comet ISON app will help you find and travel along with our space visitor

The comet ISON is currently barreling toward the sun with a close solar encounter due on November 28. It's currently visible in our morning skies, but will become a night-time sight in a few months if it survives the close approach to the sun. Comets are notoriously unreliable. When Halley's comet ...

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Find Comet ISON in the night sky with free Comet Watch app

Comet ISON has a split personality. Originally it was predicted by some astronomers that it might get bright enough to see during the day, but other astronomers have been saying it might not be spectacular and just run of the mill. Latest observations of the comet are encouraging for a good sky show...

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Sky Live is a clever, but flawed astronomy program

Sky Live is the latest app from Vito Technology, the people who gave us the highly praised Star Walk app. Sky Live is a (mostly) free app that will tell you if your local skies will be good for stargazing. It will let you know if moonlight will interfere with your star gazing, what planets will be ...

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Star Chart is a nifty and free augmented reality astronomy app

There are plenty of star charts around the app store that feature augmented reality, where you tilt your iOS device toward the sky and the app reveals what planets and stars are in your field of view. Almost all are paid apps, so it's nice to see that Star Chart has gone free, although there are t...

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Daily Update for May 28, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires ...

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Photographing the moon with an iPhone

Stargazers and amateur astronomers might be shocked to hear that, with the right equipment, the iPhone makes a perfect camera to photograph the moon. Writing on his 23x blog, Jared Earle reveals the surprising, simple steps he takes to get amazing shots of the moon. To start with, you need some k...

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This weekend's Lyrid meteor shower: Four iOS apps that can help you watch it

If you're a meteor maven or stargazer, this is the weekend for one of the year's best meteor showers, the Lyrids. The Lyrids come to maximum strength April 21-22, which for those of us in North America means late Sunday night and early Monday morning. The shower is caused by the Earth passing t...

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Satellite Safari gives you a unique vantage point for what is in orbit

Satellite Safari is a new iOS app from the creators of Sky Safari. Rather than look at the universe, Satellite Safari has more local ambitions. The app contains a complete database of what is orbiting the earth. It allows you to find what is overhead, then view the spacecraft from earth, from...

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