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The saga of changing from an iPhone 2G... to an iPhone 2G

My wife's iPhone 2G is broken. The power switch always thinks it is being pushed down, which means that the iPhone turns itself off fairly regularly. As you might expect, it's fairly annoying. Because I have a lot of nice, good, and generous friends, many of whom are also gadget folks, I asked on t...

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More details on AT&T wireless data: grandfathering, checking your data usage

Update: We have a full rundown of the changes and AT&T's feedback. In case you missed it early this morning, AT&T's new mobile data plans (DataPlus, DataPro and Tethering) have given up on the idea of unlimited data in favor of a split tier of 200MB at the low end ($15) and 2GB at th...

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BGR: AT&T employees told to prepare for June launch of new iPhone

Shocking news; we're absolutely gobsmacked with surprise. Boy Genius Report fans the flames of the widely-telegraphed WWDC rumored iPhone revision story with a one-line tidbit: AT&T employees have been informed that the phone is actually coming, and may in fact be on sale in the month of June. ...

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iPad 3G: Available April 30 in the USA

Apple today announced retail availability of the iPad 3G -- which also features Wi-Fi, of course -- for Friday, April 30th at 5:00 pm. The Loop reports those who pre-ordered the 3G version of the iPad should start receiving shipments that day same day. The iPad 3G includes a US$130 premium over ...

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FCC wants to know your mobile broadband speed

You may remember that Verizon started running ads a while ago showing AT&T's anemic 3G coverage map. AT&T responded by saying "Our coverage includes 97% of the country!" In the small print on Verizon's ads they make it clear that AT&T does have coverage outside of 3G. In the small print ...

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BestBuy starts selling iPhones, do you buy it?

If you are looking for an iPhone 3G to spend your money on (and who isn't), look no further than your local BestBuy. Last night, BestBuy stores around the country started selling their newly acquired stock of iPhone 3Gs. This deal between Apple and the big-box giant was most likely a strategy to rel...

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Rumor: BestBuy, RadioShack to sell iPhone 3G

Boy Genius Report is reporting that Apple may allow sales of the iPhone at BestBuy and RadioShack retail stores in the U.S. This, of course, is in addition to it being sold at Apple and AT&T stores. This would be the first time since the iPhone's introduction that a third-party reseller would b...

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Happy Birthday, iPhone

Yes, it is hard to believe, but our pal the iPhone will be 1 year old at 6 pm EST today. The iPhone has undergone many changes over the past year: from generating all the hype and buzz to being the best way to do everything on-the-go. The original iPhone sold at 6 p.m. (in each time zone across the ...

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Apple sends out iPhone 3G "questions" memo to retail stores

According to AppleInsider, Apple has started issuing memos stressing how to answer questions from customers that might come up between now and the iPhone 3G launch event on July 11th. According to the 3-page memo, there will be no waiting list for the iPhone (wow, this is a "duh" question -- they've...

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TimesOnline: Why you'll be paying a lot for iPhone 3G roaming

Remember when the first generation iPhone was released and people found themselves traveling overseas only to return to a large bill from AT&T? Well, TimesOnline is weighing in on the possible problems of data roaming and the iPhone 3G. As it turns out, 3G bandwidth is, shall we say, expensive....

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AT&T to limit iPhone 3G speeds to 1.4 Mbps?

MacNN noted in a recent post that AT&T is listing the iPhone as having a 1.4 Mbps connection (down-stream) while other 3G phones such as the Motorola Q have upwards of 3.6 Mbps connections. If you are thinking that this is a typo on AT&T's website, think again, because it was also mentione...

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3G iPhone: What it means - a look at the hardware

Apple's much awaited 3G-enabled iPhone hit the streets today. But what you might not have noticed from the liveblogs are the hardware changes on the device. Here's a concise list of what new features the 3G iPhone offers: Slimmer Available in white/black No more recessed headphone jack Al...

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Found Footage: Samsung/Sprint goes after iPhone

It looks like Samsung and Sprint are going after some of the iPhone market share as they show off their video recording capability on the Samsung Instinct. As Apple's competitors are slowly catching up, is it time for Apple to release video recording capabilities for the iPhone? I'm sure that most ...

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iPhone to become subsidized, non-exclusive?

RBC analyst Mark Abramsky says that the iPhone will exceed its projected goal of 10 million devices sold in 2008 -- possibly by selling upwards of 14 million. How is Apple going to get these sales figures? Well, Abramsky suggests that AT&T could subsidize the iPhone by up to $200 for the 8GB mod...

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