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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me adjust app volume

Dear Aunt TUAW, Is there any app you know of that i could use to turn down the volume of individual/specific apps on my Mac without turning down the whole of the system. If you've ever used it on windows seven then you'll know how useful it is. Any apps you could recommend. i'm willin...

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Followup: Transmit TV audio through your Mac

After my post earlier this week about transmitting Mac audio, readers contacted me about extending this solution. Although they liked the idea of direct audio while working out on a treadmill or exercise bike, several stated that they also wanted to watch from the sofa once the spouse or the kid go...

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Skype call recording with bookmarked, mind-mapped notes

I've been perfecting a very specific efficiency aspect of my workflow: taking notes during Skype calls. I use a Skype-in number as my primary phone number, and -- with permission -- record client calls for future reference. I can't tell you how many times this has come in handy. On long calls, thou...

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Rogue Amoeba releases free Ringtone Maker

Today brings a lovely treat from Rogue Amoeba, the makers of Audio Hijack Pro and Fission. They've posted MakeiPhoneRingtone, a free utility that converts any AAC file into an iTunes Ringtone. Drop the file onto its window and a second or two later, it appears in iTunes as a ne...

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Rogue Amoeba releases details on Airfoil 3, Audio Hijack Pro 3

Rogue Amoeba, purveyors of all sorts of wonderful audio software, have been releasing details on pending updates for two of their most popular products: Airfoil and Audio Hijack Pro. Both upgrades seem like they're coming sometime soon, with Audio Hijack Pro 3 (a tool allowing you to record any a...

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Audio Hijack Pro, Fission updated

Rogue Amoeba updated two of their audio apps yesterday. Audio Hijack Pro is now at version 2.7.1 while Fission was bumped to 1.1.1. Each app gets improved AAC compatibility with the iPod Shuffle, while Audio Hijack Pro now works better with a RadioShark. Some other minor bugs were killed off as well...

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Airfoil, Audio Hijack Pro can now "Minimize to Menu Bar"

Airfoil and Audio Hijack Pro, the slick Mac OS X audio broadcasting and recording (respectively) software from Rogue Amoeba, have just been updated with a handy new feature: minimize to menubar. It's a new preference that (you guessed it) will allow these apps to minimize into the menubar, with some...

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