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Standalone podcast app from Apple coming to iOS 6

Not long after the iOS 6 beta was released, inquiring listeners wanted to know, what happened to podcasts? AllThingsD's Peter Kafka appears to have the answer: Apple is planning a standalone app for podcasts in iOS 6. This follows a move by Apple to split video out of the iTunes app in iOS 5...

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AudioBooks introduces all-you-can-eat book streaming

If you're a commuter with a taste for the spoken word, you'll be pleased to hear that Audiobooks.com is introducing an all-you-can-eat service, including thousands of best-sellers. It's like Spotify or Rdio for audio books. Launching today, the new Audiobooks.com plan runs $24.95 per month, and can...

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Audible removing in-app purchases according to Apple's rules

We've seen quite a bit of squabbling over the subscription and in-app purchase for content rules on the App Store in the past, but generally, things have tended to go Apple's way. Most companies, especially those who really depend on the iOS audience for buying their content, are eventually wil...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me accessorize my iPod nano on the cheap

Dear Aunt TUAW, I bought a brand new multitouch nano, and now I want to accessorize it. But money is tight, and I don't have a lot to spend. I don't really care about "pretty," but I'd like to see what kind of functionality I can get (accessory-wise) on the cheap. Can you recommend any really ...

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myFry: Stephen Fry's second autobiography becomes an interactive app

I've been following actor, all around wit, and Apple enthusiast Stephen Fry's career since I saw him play the wonderfully droll and brilliant butler, Jeeves in the English TV series Jeeves and Wooster back in the early 90's. Hugh Laurie, probably better known as Dr. House, played Bertie Wooster o...

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You Can't Always Get What You Want: Great book, lousy app

You Can't Always Get What You Want (US$4.99 until the end of August, to celebrate Jerry Garcia's birthday), is one of the best Rock and Roll books I've ever read. It is written and read by Sam Cutler, the tour manager of the Rolling Stones and later the Grateful Dead in the late 60's and early 70's....

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App demo: AudioBookShelf

iBooks gives you a great way to organize ebooks and PDF's, but what about audiobooks? Unfortunately, iTunes still blobs everything together like a big ol' playlist in iTunes. AudioBookShelf is an app designed to make your audio book shelf more enticing. Unfortunately it won't play the audio bo...

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Audible finally arrives on the iPhone

I've been an Audible fan for far longer then I've owned an iPhone; when I first launched the App Store, Audible was one of the first things I searched for. Thanks to some of the changes made in iOS 4.0, some of the largest challenges for an Audible iPhone app we've written about in the past are n...

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The Bookmark App: Audiobooks finally done right

The Bookmark app [iTunes Link] has solved a number of problems I've always suffered while listening to audiobooks on an iPhone. It isn't pefect yet, but what is currently in the app store is the best implementation of digital audiobook listening I've found. It's earned a place on my home page and t...

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Free access to 1800 audiobooks for iPhone

Your iPhone/iPod touch listening options just got a lot larger. Audiobooks, [App Store] a free app, gives you a large catalog of public domain classic works from Dickens to Verne for your listening pleasure. The books come from the LibriVox library, a non-profit project that has volunteers read the...

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Letting the iPhone read to you

With apologies to Steve Jobs, who pretty much implied reading was dead, there are more and more applications coming to the iPhone/iPod touch to allow people to do just that -- read books. Today, Traveling Classics has released several public domain titles that you download as applications. A voice r...

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Convert any file to iTunes audiobook format

This week, Lifehacker pointed out a handy feature of iTunes 8. Specifically, you can convert any file into audiobook format. That way, it will be categorized as an audio book and more importantly, remember where you stopped listening last time. Last year, a friend sent me some audio of a conference ...

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