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polychord for iPad: an inspiring way to create music

polychord (US$9.99) is a virtual instrument for making and creating keyboard / electronic-style music on the iPad. With its easy-to-use approach and layout, polychord makes it painless to get your head around the basics and start making some really lovely sounding and creatively inspiring music. W...

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GarageBand for iOS updated, adds AudioBus support

Apple has pushed out an update for GarageBand for iOS. The version 1.4 update brings a number of enhancements to GarageBand for iOS, most notably support for playing and recording audio routed through the third-party app AudioBus. AudioBus is an iOS app that allows users to route various musi...

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Audiobus claims to mix audio sources on your iOS device

We've seen before that iOS can be very powerful in terms of producing audio, but there's one big drawback, and it's that iPhones and iPads are still only designed to be used for one task at a time. If you want to do more than one task at a time (like combining beats with a synth, or processing ...

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