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Apple introduces CarPlay (Updated)

Early Monday morning Apple introduced CarPlay, which offers a new way to integrate iOS 7 and your car (select models). Set to debut in 2014, CarPlay will let users make calls, send and receive messages, and listen to music, all from their car's built-in display. Several apps will be supported at ...

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Honda introduces 2014 Civic with iPhone-compatible touchscreen in the dash

Earlier today, Honda held a Google Hangout to announce a new "Display Audio" interface that features a 7-inch high-resolution touchscreen in the dash of the new 2014 Honda Civic and 2015 Honda Fit that can connect to an iPhone and access online content. The 7-inch touchscreen in the vehicles' das...

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Volkswagen unveils MARTA, an iOS auto repair app

While many augmented reality applications are largely consumer-facing, Volkswagen is instead empowering its technicians with an AR-centric tool to expedite repair and service. Using an iOS app named MARTA (Mobile Augmented Reality Technical Assistance), workers servicing VW's futuristic new XL1 co...

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Chevrolet Sonic, Spark first cars to get Siri Eyes Free integration

GM has announced that the Chevrolet Sonic and Spark will offer Siri Eyes Free integration in March of 2013. This makes good on a promise GM made in June 2012 to deliver the service to the cars within "the next 12 months." Eyes Free will be distributed via an upgrade to existing MyLink radios in...

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More car companies link iPhone nav apps to dashboard displays

Rather than offer proprietary in-car navigation solutions, auto makers Ford and Chevy are looking to smartphones for their driver's navigation needs, says a report in the New York Times. Ford is working with Telenav on a solution that will let smartphone owners connect their phone-based maps ap...

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XtremeMac shows off new docks and chargers at CES 2011

XtremeMac had a suite at the Bellagio (my favorite hotel on the Strip, I think) for last week's CES conference, and I stopped by to check out their latest lines of accessories and cases for the upcoming year. My favorite product in the booth is pictured above -- it's a speaker dock called the Tango...

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Griffin CarTrip will track efficiency and show diagnostic reports (video)

We mentioned the CarTrip when they announced it earlier in the week, but after seeing this thing in person at CES, I really want one. Primarily because the device will allow you to clear the stupid "check engine" light in most cars made after 1996 with an ODB-II port. You see, the CarTrip features ...

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CarTrip will connect your iOS device and your automobile

Griffin kicked off CES with a bang today by introducing several new products including the new CarTrip hardware and CleanDrive app for iOS or Android. CarTrip is a Bluetooth-enabled monitor that plugs into your car's OBD-II port and compiles the data logged by the car's onboard computer. Data ac...

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Ford's AppLink to support iPhone voice control of apps

My, how far we have come since Ford offered a "standard" iPod jack in its 2008 Ford Escape. Starting this month (and next depending on the model), SYNC-equipped Ford Fiesta owners with iPhone, Android or BlackBerry smartphones will be able to use free software from Ford called AppLink, which gives ...

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Apple devices seen everywhere at the LA Auto Show

Tech blog Cosby Sweaters noticed something interesting at the recent LA Auto Show: Apple was there in force. Not officially -- there is no iCar being sold just yet. But iPads and iMacs were used for a surprising amount of the kiosk displays by manufacturers. Lexus even had a 15-iPod touch display (...

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BMW to use iPads for specification panels at American auto shows

At this week's South Florida International Auto Show in Miami, BMW is debuting some new interactive technology that will be appearing at other shows over the coming weeks. The traditional static specification panels that appear next to all the fancy new cars at auto shows are being replaced by moun...

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Driving along in my automobile, with an iPhone or iPod

Taking a holiday drive with the music blaring is a very American thing to do, but getting your iPod or iPhone to take part has often caused a world of confusion and crude jury-rigged solutions. Apple has reported that 90% of all current cars are iPod/iPhone enabled, but I have never met anyone who ...

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Put that Apple TV in your car

Over at AutoBlog, John Neff writes about why you should put Apple TV into your car. He has a point. Plug it in and you go straight into the Front Row interface. You don't have to log in, you don't need a keyboard, you don't need a mouse. Its small form factor means that it's even easier to embed th...

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