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When autocorrect goes adorably wrong during the iPad Air 2 presentation

Autocorrect comes for us all someday, telling our loved ones they're petty instead of pretty or removing the righteous fire from a angry text when it censors your profanity. Autocorrect comes for us all, even when we least expect it. Like during a high profile presentation for the iPad Air 2, as ha...

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These are the words iOS won't suggest for you

Everybody loves a fun auto-correct snapshot, and while some of the more popular examples floating around the web do seem a little bit too hilarious to actually be real, you'd be surprised as to what iOS will come up with when it thinks your spelling is in need of a little guidance. As a personal ...

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"Ducking iPhone" Revisited: two ways to improve iOS auto-correct feature

Back in December 2008, I came up with an "interesting" solution to iOS's annoying habit of "correcting" the word that I wanted with the word that it thought I wanted. The problem was colloquially known as the "Ducking iPhone" for reasons you are probably smart enough to figure out on your own. ...

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