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Gartenberg: "The Mac is back" and it's a business, not a hobby

Tech industry analyst Michael Gartenberg tells Mac fans not to worry about the future of their favorite platform in his latest column over on Macworld. Over the past year, there has been a lot of consternation about the future of Apple's traditional computing platform as the company has seeming...

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Found Footage: Back to the Mac in an incredibly great 104 seconds

Remember last week's Back to the Mac event where the stunning iLife '11 suite and the jaw-dropping new Macbook Airs were announced? No? Well if you missed it, Lockheed91 has saved you some time and reduced the introduction of the awesome new computers along with the amazing new releases of the in...

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The cracked crystal ball -- how the TUAW blogger predictions fared

Shortly before the Back to the Mac event on Wednesday, TUAW blogger Michael Grothaus compiled a list of predictions from the rest of the blogging staff. I thought it would be fun to go through the predictions and score our ability to foresee the future, giving each correct prediction a +1 score and ...

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New MacBook Air shipping without Flash installed

Users are reporting that Apple's new MacBook Air models, announced yesterday at Apple's 'Back to the Mac' press conference, are shipping without Adobe's Flash player plug-in pre-installed. Traditionally, Mac computers have shipped with Flash preloaded - so users wouldn't have to worry about instal...

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TUAW TV Live: special 'Back to the Mac' early edition

As part of our continuing coverage of Apple's "Back to the Mac" event today, TUAW TV Live is starting a little bit earlier than usual so we can provide you with all the news that's fit to broadcast as soon as we can. Join me and my fellow TUAW editor Mike Rose as we discuss everything that went on ...

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FaceTime becomes a desktop application

Facetime made its grand debut as part of iOS4 (specifically on the iPhone 4 hardware). It expanded to a nice user base once the fourth generation of the iPod touch was released. In today's event, it was announced that in the first four months of Facetime's existence, said user base grew to 19 millio...

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Apple: Mac sales could sustain a Fortune 500 company by itself

One in five PCs sold in the United States is a Mac, making up 20.67% of U.S. consumer market share, and bringing in triple the amount of money the Mac has earned since fiscal year 2005. That's the amazing number that Tim Cook, Apple's COO, shared at the beginning of today's "Back to the Mac" c...

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TUAW Liveblog of the Apple 'Back to the Mac' event

By now you've probably read our predictions for today's Apple event, and we're sure that you've dusted off your crystal ball as well and come up with your own good ideas about what we'll see and hear today. Now it's time for the TUAW gang to provide you with a play-by-play and commentary of what's g...

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Rumor: MacBook Air downsized details previewed

As the clock ticks down toward today's Back to the Mac event, Engadget relays some insider info from a trusted source regarding the capabilities and specs of the all-but-certain MacBook Air 11.6" form factor subnotebook. The details: 2.13GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (with a 2.33GHz BTO option). No su...

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Italian Apple PR: Apple to live stream today's event [Updated]

With only hours to spare, it seems that Apple has announced its intentions to live stream today's press event -- at least it's been announced to Italian customers. According to Italian site setteB.IT, Apple has issued a media alert stating their intention to live stream today's big announcemen...

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TUAW predictions for the "Back to the Mac" event

Apple's "Back to the Mac" event is almost upon us. While the world eagerly awaits Apple's unveiling, we at TUAW are sticking our necks out and predicting (with tongue slightly in cheek) what we think Steve's gonna announce when he takes the stage....

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Oddsmakers lay bets on Wednesday's event

With less than 24 hours to go before Apple's "Back to the Mac" press event, oddsmakers have laid odds on what we're likely to see. Specifically, CEO Mickey Richardson and his team at Bookmaker have presented the following odds (note that the +/- denotes the return on any wager) and the likelihood...

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Talkcast tonight, 10pm ET: Back to the Mac

With quarterly earnings due tomorrow and Wednesday's 'Back to the Mac' event coming up right afterward, there's plenty to cover and speculate upon tonight on the TUAW Talkcast. We'd love it if you joined us. To participate on TalkShoe, you can use the browser-only client, the embedded Facebook ap...

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New MacBook Air has many batteries, few hard drives

An anonymous tipster has sent an image to our friends across the hall at the Engadget HQ and what a treat it is. The image appears to be of the upcoming MacBook Air that is likely to be announced at Wednesdays "Back to the Mac" event. Features include a re-designed case, more internal room for batte...

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