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Be aware, be careful, be prepared for iCloud Drive

If you use iCloud: you need to be really, very, no-I-am-not-exaggerating, super careful when you upgrade to iOS 8. Otherwise you could break iCloud syncing to all of your Macs. I hope I have your attention. When you are setting up a new iOS 8 device, you will see a screen like this (image courte...

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World Backup Day: Let's be careful out there

On the old 1980s cop drama "Hill Street Blues", Sergeant Phil Esterhaus started off each episode with a briefing ending with the line "Let's be careful out there." While he was showing concern for his team of police officers, the same line is very applicable to anyone who is using a Mac, iPad or i...

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Arq cloud backup adds low-cost Amazon Glacier support

If you back up your Mac to Amazon S3, you may be familiar with Arq online backup for Mac. Arq (US$29) enables you to store your data to your personal Amazon Web Services account. All charges incurred stay between you and S3; Haystack Software never sees your data or your billing. The backups us...

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Getting ready for Mountain Lion: Backups

Although most Mac OS X upgrades go smoothly, there's always a chance that something can go wrong. Hundreds of thousands of files are changed during an upgrade, so there's a possibility that one or more of those changes can cause your Mac to decide to not boot up properly. Without a backup, your...

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Managing your Mac's Address Book

Address on your Mac offers two options for getting information out of your address book: "Export vCard..." or "Address Book Archive..." but you may not have ever known which you should use and which you should avoid as if it were a swarm of bees. Here's a simple mnemonic: "vCards goo...

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Time Machine hand-holding: How do you say goodbye to data?

I've been good this past year. Very good. I have rigorously adhered to the TiNo philosophy, which states that so long as your TiVo, EyeTV, or other recording device has captured a program, it is your prerogative to delete that program whenever you feel like it. Whether you watched it or not. It...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me move my iOS devices to a new computer

Dear Aunt TUAW, I just bought a brand spanking new iMac. Since I want a clean slate, I am moving everything over manually from my old MacBook. So far so good, except for my iPhone, iPod touch, iPad etc. How do I switch my iOS devices over without the loss of my apps and their saved data. (I h...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: How do I restore an iPad backup to a new device?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I've searched your site for information on this to no avail, and I suspect several others will be faced with the same dilemma. Seeing that you are the authority in the field, I thought I'd ask you. Here goes... I've recently sold off my iPad 1 on the used market in favor ...

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Macworld 2011: Dolly Drive syncs Time Machine to the cloud, creates bootable backup

We're finding many useful solutions here at Macworld Expo, and among them is Dolly Drive. This new solution (they just launched this week) offers encrypted Time Machine sync to the cloud and even creates a bootable version of the local drive you've been using for Time Machine thus far. I spoke with ...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Will my jailbroken iPhone back up?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I want to jailbreak my 4th gen iPod touch, but there is something I'm unsure about. If I want to unjailbreak it (because of performance issues, etc.), is there any possible way for me to do that without losing all of my data? I have scoured the internet, and I haven't been abl...

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Time Machine holds a place in my heart, and it should in yours too

One of my TUAW colleagues who shall remain nameless revealed to us yesterday that he doesn't use Time Machine. "Don't talk to me about Time Machine," he said. "I hate it!" My goodness, I thought. Is that even possible? I cannot recount the number of times that Time Machine has saved me from...

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Mac 101: Backup basics with Time Machine and more

Did you get a new Mac for Christmas? Before you go too far in loading your Mac with software and files, make sure that you have a backup strategy. As a certified Mac consultant, I can tell you that there are two kinds of computer users: those who have lost data through error, hardware failure, or ac...

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Add Apple's free to your backup toolbox

When most people think about Apple and backups they probably think about Time Machine or perhaps even Time Capsule. But Apple has a lesser-known application which you might consider using. The app, simply named Backup, was originally available only to .Mac users, but is now openly available on Apple...

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Slim your 1Password 3 Backups

1Password is one of my very favorite and most essential Mac utilities. Combined with Dropbox, I can have all of my login information synced to all of my Macs. The other day I noticed that 1Password had gained a lot of weight, specifically around the backups area. I'm not usually one to comment on s...

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OWC announces portable, bus-powered external SSD drives

I'm pretty paranoid about making sure that backups are done on all of my Macs. That's why I carry a small Western Digital MyPassport hard drive with me wherever I go with my MacBook Air, since I do at least one Time Machine backup a day -- even when I'm on the road. This is my second MyPassport driv...

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