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Tag: Bathroom

Even Apple's bathroom signs are cool

The bathrooms at the Cupertino HQ have some decidedly retro Apple flair. Is it wrong that I want to steal a men's room sign? [Photo credit: Michael Theis]...

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So, this exists

I can almost hear the possibilities flying through your heads when you look at the image above. What exactly are we looking at here? It seems to be some sort of metal iPad stand... but what's with the toilet paper? Is it some sort of a joke? There's no legitimate product that could possibly pair a...

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This Mac mini sure is a pile of...

I'm all for repurposing used electronics, but this one is a bit of a stretch. [Photo credit: Ifrankland]...

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5 Apps for seeing a man about a horse

Sometimes a wiseacre editor (we have a few) suggests we do a Five Apps post for a particularly offbeat area of interest. And sometimes we actually start brainstorming these. Today, we'll look at at restroom apps: after all, you can't spell iPhone without "I P." Here are 5 apps to help accommodate...

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