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UNU Superpak Battery charges your iOS devices quickly

iOS devices have always had battery issues for heavy users. Each new model comes with a bigger battery, but that battery often serves a higher resolution screen, added radios, a faster processor and other features. There are a variety of battery packs for sale that you can use when you are awa...

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How will you charge the Apple Watch and what will its battery life be?

We learned a lot about the Apple Watch today, including its powerful health app, but there's one nagging absence of information: How long will the device run before needing to be charged? All of the features listed during the presentation are impressive, but also should be incredibly resource heav...

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iPhone 6, 6 Plus feature greatly increased battery life

Don't like the battery life on your iPhone 5 or 5s? Apple's new, larger iPhones -- the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus -- both feature increased battery life figures, and the 6 Plus battery stats are particularly impressive. Where the iPhone 5s battery featured 10 hours of 3G talk, 10 hours of Wi-Fi web...

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Apple will replace your defective iPhone 5 battery

Is your iPhone 5 battery life bad? No, I don't mean "Oh jeez I have to charge it every night!" bad, I mean "Wait, it was at 100% when I unplugged it five minutes ago, and it's already down 15%" bad. If so, your phone might fall within a certain serial number range that qualifies for Apple's new ba...

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iOS 8 details battery usage by app

Today's WWDC keynote was so chock full of new information that even Apple's own executives seemed to be rushing from new feature to new feature. Invariably, now that the dust has settled and people are getting their hands on iOS 8, new and intriguing tidbits that Apple didn't have time to touch on...

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How to identify battery-draining apps in OS X

Notice that your MacBook battery level is falling at an alarming rate? Want to find out which apps are causing the power to drain? There are two easy ways to identify apps that are consuming the battery in your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. First, you can select the battery icon in your OS X menu b...

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BlackBerry CEO calls iPhone users "wall huggers"

With all of the corporate turnover at BlackBerry, it's hard to keep up with who's actually steering the ship these days. So in case you missed it, John Chen assumed the CEO position at BlackBerry this past November following the ouster of Thorsten Heins. Now it's no secret that the iPhone ushered...

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The myCharge Freedom 2000 gives you twice the battery life with a little less bulk

If you're considering an iPhone case that includes a battery pack, you've already decided that increasing the size of your device is a fair trade-off for more life, but that doesn't mean that all battery cases are created equal. The iBattz Mojo Refuel I reviewed previously increased the overall fo...

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iPad Air destroys the competition in battery life tests

Which? Tech Daily recently carried out a series of tests to determine which tablet is the one to beat when it comes to battery life. The results? The iPad Air absolutely crushed the competition. What's more, the test results show that the iPad Air performed even better than advertised, delive...

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Incipio's offGRID 4,000 mAh Capacity backup battery is a life-saving travel companion

In the last decade, cellphones and tablets have gone from important, but simple communication devices to replacing computers, cameras, radios and more. As this winter's unpredictable weather has shown us, we never know when the ability to charge our phones will be stolen cruelly by God or poor cit...

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How to stretch your iPhone's battery as far as it can possibly go

We've all been in this situation before: You haven't plugged in your iPhone in a couple of days and now you have just a sliver of battery life left. Your phone has been warning you that it's near death, but you have nowhere to charge it. At this point, you don't care if your phone is the fastest o...

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iPhone 3GS battery swells to absurd size [Update]

We've heard plenty of stories of exploding smartphone batteries, but this might be the first time we've seen a battery right on the brink of actually blowing up. A writer over at the Czech website Letem Svetem Applem recently noticed his iPhone 3GS splitting at the seams thanks to a battery on the...

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iPhone battery draining faster than usual? Blame the weather

There's a good chance you're already not happy about your iPhone's battery life -- especially if you upgraded to iOS 7 on an older device -- but if you live in many parts of the United States, your smartphone has probably died faster than ever this week. You see, it's been a bit chilly here in the...

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Apple releases SMC Firmware Update battery fixes for MacBooks

Apple has released a slew of SMC Firmware Updates for all of its MacBook computers. The updates are for all MacBook models between mid-2012 and mid-2013, including the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro with Retina display and fixes significant battery issues many users were experiencing. Ma...

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How to stop iOS 7 from destroying your iPhone's battery life

iOS 7 is all kinds of sexy, but with a slew of fancy new features comes more strain on the ever-important statistic of battery life. iOS 7 is compatible with iPhone 4 or later (though not all features are supported on older devices), so if you're upgrading your current device to the new operating ...

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