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Win a collector's item: a Behringer iNuke Boom Junior speaker dock

I'm usually very good about turning around reviews; usually within a week or two of receiving a review device or accessory I've had a chance to try it out, take photos, and write it up. But there are two things that have been sitting in my office unopened for a few months, and I finally decided to...

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Behringer iNuke Boom Junior for iPhone, iPad

Behringer is known for its professional audio and music equipment, and the company is keeping this tradition alive with its iNuKe Boom Junior. The Boom Junior is a scaled down version of the iNuke Boom, a monstrous dock that delivers 10,000 watts of audio power. The Junior delivers the same qua...

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Behringer mixers hold iPad inside

The audio mixer company Behringer has announced three new units set for release, and this company has borrowed a little bit of hardware from Apple: they use the iPad as an interface. As you can see above, the new Behringer mixers make full use of both the standard mixer console controls, as well a...

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Behringer iNuke Boom: The $30K 10,000-Watt iPhone dock you know you want

You're a high-end audio equipment manufacturer, and you want to finally make a splash in the iPod touch/iPhone world. So what do you do to get the attention of customers who are bored with traditional iPhone docks? You create a huge 4-foot tall by 8-foot wide, 10,000-Watt iPhone/iPad dock calle...

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