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Tag: Beta Beat developer beta opens, includes full-featured web interface

Remember when I told you there would still be iCloud web apps once the service took over MobileMe, despite what some other sites were saying at the time? Not to brag or anything, but I was right. Today, Apple launched the beta for developers. Web apps on the service include Mail, Cal...

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Camino 2.1 now in beta, features improved plug-in control

Camino, an open source third-party web browser for Mac OS X, released a beta of version 2.1 last week. According to the release notes, new features in Camino 2.1 include: Enhanced Location Bar Autocomplete: The location bar's autocomplete feature now displays results in a single list, usin...

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iOS 5 Beta 2 ready for download

iOS 5 Beta 2 is now available for download from Apple's developer site. If you are a paid ($99/year) dev, you can sign in with your developer credentials to gain access to this beta. The beta is, as always, released under the terms of Apple's NDA. For that reason, enhancements, APIs and features...

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Apple releases Xcode 4 GM. Again!

Apple has just posted another GM seed (number 2 if you're keeping count) of Xcode 4. Build 4A304a is ready for you to download, install, use and love. You need to be a paid member of either the iOS or the Mac dev programs to access this build. Now, if Apple would only get around to, you know, r...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: How do I install a Lion partition on my MacBook Air?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I'm in the Mac Developer program and I'd really like to be able to install Lion on my MacBook Air as a second OS. What are the best strategies to do this? Is it worth going out and buying a second SSD drive and swapping that out with my primary Snow Leopard system? Thanks for ...

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Sparrow for Mac beta hands-on review

Sparrow is essentially what happens when Gmail and Tweetie for Mac hook up and have a baby. It's very much what Gmail should be on the Mac -- minimalist and classy. I tried out Mailplane a few months ago, but couldn't quite bring myself to pull the trigger on the purchase. I ...

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Beta Beat: Kylo Browser featuring 10-foot interface

Kylo is a free browser you use from your couch that embraces the 10-foot UI philosophy. The idea is that buttons, menus and text are larger than when viewed at your desk. This aids in usability when sitting farther away from the display, as would be the case in a living room environment. It is powe...

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Beta Beat: Dropzone for Mac OS X

The Mac OS X Dock is a great UI invention, but it doesn't have all the functionality that it could have. That's why one developer is looking to expand the functionality and make it even better with an application that he calls "Dropzone." Dropzone is a small application that you can install on yo...

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Beta Beat: Twitter app Lounge

In the history of marketing battles, The Cola Wars have nothing on the Twitter App War that's currently raging online. Twitterrific, TweetDeck and others (popular with commenters: Pwitter and DestroyTwitter) are waging the ground battle, while Twitterrific (mobile), Tweetie and TwitterFon (to name a...

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Beta Beat: Screenium

Screencasting is becoming a standard method of conveying software-related information. I'm fairly certain that even my mom knows the word, which is my typical buzz-guage. And here you were, thinking "I wish there was yet another contender in the screencast recording arena", right? Lucky you. Synium'...

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Beta Beat: PictoDrop

Mac Developer Cam Stevenson dropped us a note to let us know that BurrOak Software is looking for beta testers try out PictoDrop. PictoDrop is an image management program that looks like it will help you sort, version, and apply effects to your images in a very Aperture-lite post-processing way. It'...

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Beta Beat: Parallels Desktop for Mac Update Beta3 (Build 3106)

The coding elves at Parallels must not sleep. They have released just another beta of Parallels Desktop for Mac (this is Beta 3 for those keeping score at home). In case you haven't used the previous Beta, there is a new UI for Parallels, which I am not too crazy about, and a number of bug fixes as ...

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Beta Beat: WriteRoom 2.0

We have written about WriteRoom before and were impressed with its simple idea. Today WriteRoom 2.0 beta has been released and it brings with it a number of changes. The first change you might notice is that WriteRoom is no longer free. It is now shareware with the price tag of $14.95 while in bet...

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Beta Beat: ImageWell 3 updated to Version 3.0b5 - brings back old skool cropping

There's nothing more satisfying than knowing that someone is listening to you - and hearing you - when you're unhappy about something. Well, you spoke and the folks at XtraLean listened. When the ImageWell 3 beta was released in the wild a few days ago, the most common complaint was that image cropp...

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Adium 1.0 beta screenshots

I spend a lot of time in chat (I'm very popular) and sadly all of my friends and colleagues refuse to use the same IM protocol. That's why I eschew iChat and use Adium instead. One of the developers behind Adium gives us a peek at how the beta 1.0 release is shaping up. Before you ask, Adium 1.0 wo...

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