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Hands-on with the Tintag rechargeable item tracker

As part of our continuing coverage of the world of connected devices and of crowdsourced projects, I see a lot of item tracking devices. These are usually little Bluetooth tags that connect to something you want to keep track of - keys, backpacks, computers, cats, you name it - that work with an...

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iOS 8 real time voice-to-text feature looks incredible

One of the downsides of using iOS' dictation feature for taking notes is having to wait until your note is done to see that your message was accurately transcribed. While iOS 7 features real-time transcription in Siri, the feature has yet to make it to iOS messaging. That's going to change with iO...

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Apple releases iOS 8 beta 4 with new "Tips" app

Apple earlier today released the fourth iOS 8 beta which can be downloaded over the air or via Apple's developer website. While specific iOS beta releases aren't always all that noteworthy, the latest iOS 8 beta includes a Tips app that provides users with, you guessed it, handy tips and tricks fo...

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Fleksy offers sneak peek at iOS 8 keyboard with beta preview program

One of the most exciting developments for iOS 8 is support for third party keyboards. This seemingly minor feature will help narrow the gap between Android and iOS when it comes to flexibility. To this day, Swype is the only thing I miss from Android. Most of us will have to wait until fall for th...

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What to know before downloading the iOS 8 Beta

Beta testing for iOS 8 has started and if you're a iOS developer you've probably already started downloading it. Last year when iOS 7 dropped there were lots of early beta testers who were unhappy because they rushed to download before taking the time to think about if they really wanted everythin...

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How to keep your OmniFocus 2 beta up-to-date

The OmniGroup has announced that OmniFocus 2 for Mac is now available as a public beta and is due to be released in June. Anyone interested in testing it can download it for free and is encouraged to send feedback via the forums. One of the most important things to do when running beta builds is ...

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Viva Mavericks: OS X Beta Seed program now open to all

Really, who among us hasn't wanted to run a presumptively unstable operating system? Until today, the delights of beta releases of OS X were reserved to those who signed up for Apple's developer program (and paid the $99 fee to enroll). That fun and frolic is now open to anyone 18 and over with an ...

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Preview: Welcome to your new addiction

When it comes to creating addictive gaming experiences, Blizzard -- the diabolical geniuses behind the most popular MMO on the planet, World of Warcraft, among other titles -- are certainly masters. Its latest digital drug, which also happens to carry the Warcraft brand, is a virtual strategy card...

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iWork for iCloud beta invites expand the pool of access

As work continues on Apple's newest cloud application suite, iWork for iCloud, the circle of access for non-developers appears to be widening. We reported back on July 3 that some iCloud users were already seeing the beta versions of the web productivity apps in their iCloud dashboards, although A...

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Web versions of iWork available on iCloud beta site for some users

Apple launched the developer beta for the new online iCloud-based iWork tools this past June, including Numbers, Pages and Keynote. Today, we've noticed that some users have been able to login to the system and try out the new features. Access seems to be randomly available with some people, such ...

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iOS 7 video zoom feature demo

Have you ever wanted to throw your iPhone or iPad to the ground in frustration while capturing video because the built-in app couldn't zoom in on a detail? One of the features announced for iOS 7 during Monday's keynote was a video zoom control. TUAW received a short video from an unnamed develope...

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iTunes Radio and 'ads' on the iOS 7 lock screen

Developers are starting to play with the iOS 7 beta, with iTunes Radio being a popular destination both for trying the new feature and for listening to music while coding. Neil Hughes at Apple Insider notes that for the first time, you may see an "ad" on your lock screen when listening to iTunes R...

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Dropbox for Mac beta adds automatic screenshot sharing, "Move to Dropbox" contextual menu

Dropbox offers an experimental builds channel where it lets users try out potential new features via beta builds. The latest build of Dropbox for Mac offers a few cool new features, including: Screenshot to Dropbox -- this feature puts every screenshot taken in OS X into a new "screenshots" fol...

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Instacast for Mac beta now available

Fans of Instacast 3 (US$4.99), Vemedio's feature-packed iOS podcast client, are doing the happy dance today. The company has announced an open public beta of Instacast for Mac if you want to get your hands dirty with pre-release software and check out your favorite podcasts at the same time. The ...

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FlightPath from TestFlight features realtime analytics for developers

TestFlight has long been known by developers as a very useful tool for testing iOS apps (even outside of Apple's distribution system), and for a while now there's also been a TestFlight SDK, which developers can insert into their app code to track various testers and their actions in the app. B...

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