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Tag: Blockbuster

Blockbuster 2.0 rebuilt with physical media rentals in mind

The new Blockbuster 2.0 iOS app (free, universal) is a throwback to the days of old. Specifically, the app is targeted to Blockbuster by Mail users, which allows people to rent DVDs and Blu-rays by post. When introducing the app in a press release, the company said, "Millions of movie watchers pre...

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Blockbuster on Demand app now available

Blockbuster's been going through a bit of a reinvention over the last few years. It's retail stores are closing in staggering numbers as the company refocuses on becoming a streaming rental service with Blockbuster on Demand. Today that quest becomes a little easier with the service's debut on iOS...

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Blockbuster Video launches an iPad magazine

They must be pretty far down the idea list over at Blockbuster Video, because this one suddenly appeared out of left field. The video rental chain has released, of all things, an iPad-based digital magazine. Blockbuster Magazine, available through Newsstand, is a free publication featuring tr...

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Apple TV: What happens now?

As Steve Sande has reported, Apple has discontinued the 40 GB Apple TV unit, and dropped the 160 GB unit U.S. $100.00. The large capacity set top box now sells for $229.00, the price that the now-eliminated 40 GB unit used to sell for. Apple has continuously referred to the Apple TV unit as a 'ho...

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Blockbuster to bring content to Apple

On a January day in 1981, my sisters and I experienced unbridled glee when our father came home with a shiny new VCR. Imagine: Movies. In our own house. Whenever we wanted. What a world! It was an enormous, top-loading hunk of metal and plastic that I'm sure is currently at the bottom of a Pennsylva...

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AAPL, Blockbuster and Netflix down following Macworld Keynote

Blockbuster and Netflix's stocks both took big hits based on what we just heard Steve say at Macworld. Blockbuster has dropped a handy 15%, and Netflix "tumbled 6 percent" already this afternoon (although it's jumped back a bit since then), according to CNN Money. Apparently investors are convince...

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iPod's victims: first CDs, now DVDs?

Forbes' Brian Caulfield suggests that Blockbuster and Netflix should be very concerned about Apple's rumored move into digital movie rentals. He suggests that history has proven the iPod to be a very disruptive device. Just look at CD sales, says Mr. Cauflied, their decline over the last several yea...

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Cringely: Apple/Blockbuster Speculation

Since today seems to be Speculation Day™, here's another one for you, this time a little more grounded in reality than Dvorak's column about Apple dumping Mac OS X in favor of Windows. Robert X. Cringely, who has a much better track record at examining the tech industry and then predicting wha...

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