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ScreenSteps 2.8.7, documentation gets social

ScreenSteps, an app for creating screen-based documentation and a TUAW favorite, has just released a pretty big update and a brand-new social document service called ScreenSteps.me. The desktop update includes, among other improvements, a totally-rewritten screen capture tool that makes the document...

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Blue Mango delivers rapidfire documentation for iPad apps

We admit it, we have a soft spot for ScreenSteps. Ever since we first met the Blue Mango team three Macworld Expos ago (at the urging of TUAW veteran Laurie Duncan), we've been big fans of their intuitive, cross-platform, and dependable little documentation system. It's not so little anymore, either...

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ScreenSteps 2.7 preview and some Holiday savings

We've mentioned ScreenSteps from Blue Mango Learning Systems before. A few times, actually. Version 2.7 is coming up quickly, and it's going to have some great new features. There's also a sale this week that I thought was worth mentioning, check the end of the post for details on that. First, a rec...

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ScreenSteps 2.1 released, interview with Blue Mango

Screensteps, the software documentation generator we've come to love, has reached an official 2.1 status and has been released into the wild. Well, as wild as software documentation gets, anyway. This gem is a TUAW favorite and I'm personally very psyched about the new upload-to-blog feature, which...

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ScreenSteps 2.1 beta: post lessons directly to your blog

When Blue Mango Learning Systems released version 2.0.3 of (TUAW favorite) ScreenSteps, its software for creating screen-based lessons, they added the option to output blog-friendly code for pasting into your own site. But some of us were inspired by the possibilities and cried for direct blog posti...

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ScreenSteps gets blog-friendly

We do love our ScreenSteps here at TUAW. Following up on some great features introduced in version 2, bluemango is releasing version 2.0.3 today with a brand new post-to-blog feature. The feature makes use of a Screensteps Live account to host images, then provides the HTML markup to paste into a bl...

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