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Delicious Library for iPhone runs afoul of Amazon's API terms, pulled from App Store

Update: As one might expect, this API restriction has also hit Pocketpedia; the app is now pulled as well (as of 7/17). Sudden removal of an item from the App Store isn't unheard of; sometimes an app has a hidden bug or a content problem, and if Apple hasn't seen fit to take it off the store shelve...

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iTunes Store & App Store problems

With the App Store celebrating its first birthday, there is a fair amount of news coverage, and with Michael Jackson's memorial service being broadcast, his fans are sure to be hitting iTunes up for some of their favorite songs. So it stands to reason that today is probably not a good day for the i...

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iPhone 3GS ranked #1 in cellphone sales in Japan... for now.

TG Daily (via Fortune) is reporting that Japanese market research company BCN's latest rankings of cellphone sales in Japan are showing that Apple's smartphone is the the current market leader in that country. I did a quick check at BCN this afternoon while writing this post, and the iPhone 3GS 32GB...

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VA Apple store closed due to shooting, armed robbery attempt

The Clarendon Apple Store in Arlington, VA is closed today as police investigate a shooting that took place there this morning. The Washington Post reports that a woman was injured via a gunshot to the shoulder during an armed robbery attempt. TV station WJLA adds the detail that the victim was an...

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Psystar emerges from Chapter 11, and still making applesauce

The infamous Mac-clone maker Psystar is apparently set to emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and it seems that they are planning on getting right back into their previous routine with a new hardware offering to boot. In an e-mail newsletter that went out to subscribers today, the company states that...

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Is this what's in the next iPhone update?

The iPhone Blog is reporting what's purported to be in the next, and hopefully imminent iPhone update to version 3.1. As we've reported, developers were seeded with the beta Tuesday. Here's the list: Voice Control now works over Bluetooth Updated AT&T profile to 4.2 (MMS is now enabled) ...

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Fluent Mobile releases the first news aggregator iPhone app

Fluent Mobile has released an innovative news oriented iPhone app that may be a game changer. The Fluent Mobile app aggregates mobile ready content from multiple content providers. According to M:Metrics in January of this year, mobile news sites were visited over 63 million times and the number is ...

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Apple TV software update adds gesture support via Remote

Apple has quietly pushed out software updates for both the Apple TV and the Remote application for the iPhone and iPod touch. The update, identified as version 2.4 for the Apple TV, and version 1.3 (24) for the Remote app, adds gesture support for controlling Apple TV from your iPhone or iPod. Our ...

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Estimates of 500K iPhone 3G S weekend sales too low by half

It's a good thing Gene Munster shaded his anticipatory numbers a bit over the weekend, otherwise he'd be in the market for a new crystal ball. As mentioned yesterday, the signs were pointing to a bigger opening weekend for the latest handset from Apple, and the results did not disappoint: in a compa...

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WSJ: Jobs had liver transplant, on schedule to return to work in June

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs had a liver transplant two months ago in Tennessee, but is still expected to return to work by the end of the month. Jobs, who went on a medical leave from Apple in January, has had continuing medical issues related to a ...

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iPhone 3G S waiting, hoping, livestreaming

No one expects the iPhone 3G S lines to stretch on as the 3G lines did, but that doesn't mean there isn't some anticipation. In fact, in several places where lines will allow (as in, not in my mall) there are queues forming already for the fastest iPhone yet. How many of you are willing to wait in l...

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Sirius XM app now live at the app store

As expected Sirius has released the free iPhone/iPod touch app so satellite radio fans can listen wherever they go if they have an online subscription. The Sirius XM [App Store] offering is said to include 120 channels. The write up on iTunes does not mention Howard Stern, but says nothing definitiv...

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Timezone confusion baffles eager 3.0 downloaders

We're not innocent of error, and on occasion we create our own dramatic bits of fail, but in this case we can help clarify things: If you are visiting an "official Apple site" that shows a release date of June 18 for the iPhone 3.0 software update, take a closer look at that URL before you start jum...

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Are you really Sirius? Streaming radio iPhone app expected this week

In what may be one of the great anti-climax stories of all time, it looks like Sirius/XM is finally releasing an iPhone/iPod touch app this week, probably on the 18th. Subscribers who asked about the app are getting the following email... apparently Sirius support team members are paid! by the excla...

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Java vulnerability in Mac OS X finally patched

It's been a long wait. Fire up Software Update and you should see Java for Mac OS X 10.5 (or 10.4) update 4. This update closes a vulnerability first discussed in August of last year; it was patched by Sun and most other JVM developers months ago. Apple's sluggishness on fixing this security issue c...

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