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"Debrickifying" an iPhone 5

I got my share of flak from TUAW readers when I wrote a post three weeks ago bemoaning the fact that my iPhone 5 -- which was running iOS 7 beta -- lost battery power on the first day of a vacation and went into an endless restart loop. Yes, dear readers, I am well aware of the fact that Apple poi...

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A tech geek's trip from hell

I'm on a trip right now out of the country, and so far it's been a tech geek's trip from hell. The first day, I ran my iPhone 5 (running iOS 7 beta 2) out of juice -- not surprising, since the beta OS is somewhat power-hungry at this point. Guess what? The iPhone 5 has decided to refuse to star...

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Chicago Apple Store bricked Tuesday night

Police say an inebriated man threw a brick at the front window of Chicago's Magnificent Mile Apple Store on Tuesday night. The man also broke another window a short distance away. A Tribune photo shows a single broken panel of glass in front of one of Apple's "giant iPhone" displays. From the photo...

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Date/time bugs throughout the years for Apple

As 30GB Zune owners deal with the sudden bricking of their systems after midnight this morning, hopefully they can take comfort in the fact they are not alone in this. Throughout the years, Apple products had their share of time & date problems. In February 2000, Newton owners began reporting th...

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New MacBooks add metal cases, power to burn but no FireWire

You heard the rumors, now get the details. Apple has just released a major update to the MacBook line, leaving the original white plastic model in the mix but lowering the price to $999; the two new models are priced at $1299 and $1599. You can see a video overview of the new beasties at Apple's sit...

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Apple schedules laptop event for Oct. 14; leaked photos abound

Our sister site Engadget received an invitation for a town-hall event in San Francisco about new Apple notebooks, featuring an image of what could be hinting at possible new aluminum enclosures for 13-inch MacBooks. purports to have images of new aluminum cases for the MacBooks. Judgi...

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Rumor: 9to5Mac says The Brick is 'a block of aluminum'

In the ongoing saga of The Brick, the site that first speculated on the blocky code name for a rumored new Apple product now says it knows the meaning of the phrase. Seth Weintraub at 9to5mac has posted that 'The Brick' refers to a new manufacturing process that will carve MacBooks out of solid bloc...

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Apple TV update 2.2 brings out the "Brick"

So, that was like a really bad, mean, and cruel joke. But it does seem that the recent Apple TV update is bricking some Apple TVs. According to the Apple Discussion board, some users cannot get past the boot video. If the update bricks your Apple TV, it's not the end of the world (well, it is if you...

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Not quite 'The Brick,' but fun anyway

It's many bricks, technically: Lego Bricks. Students at the San Francisco Art Institute used 2,588 bricks to build an enormous Mac Pro case. The design wasn't without its problems -- partway through the movie, three "Lego engineering catastrophes" forced the addition of a support beam under th...

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New product announcement cancelled? (updated)

According to one of our tipsters, the "kickoff webcast" that Christina mentioned over the weekend has been either delayed or cancelled. A link distributed to webcast participants is, according to the tipster, no longer working. The webcast was scheduled for 10 a.m. Pacific time. What does this mean...

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Rumor: Is the Apple TV being replaced?

We just got an e-mail from an anonymous Apple reseller, stating that they received an e-mail from Apple with instructions to remove all Apple TV displays and literature and to destroy them (which I assume means throw away the literature, send back the Apple TVs) by September 30, 2008 at 5 PM. Addit...

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Rumor: Is 'The Brick' a wireless hybrid handheld-slash-Mac?

There's a substantial amount of whispering about an anticipated "October Surprise" around the corner, but it's not the usual sort -- multiple sources have suggested that there is an Apple product introduction due on or about October 14. This hinting, combined with the refresh clock ticking away on t...

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What is The Brick?

The friendly folks over at Macenstein have a theory about The Brick -- a widely-rumored Apple product that may be debuting mid-October. So far, all we really know is the code name: "The Brick" (originally suggested by 9-to-5 Mac). Many speculate that it refers to the form factor of the product -- w...

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Software-only unlock for the current iPhone firmware announced

As many have you have emailed to tell us (thanks everyone), hacker teen wonder George Hotz a.k.a. GeoHot, of the hardware iPhone unlock heard 'round the world, has apparently made something unexpected: a software-only unlocking procedure for the iPhone's 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 firmware versions. With Georg...

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iPhone firmware 1.1.3 breaks unlocks

This continuing cat and mouse game reminds me of radar detectors. I recall when radar detectors first came out, and something akin to an arms race broke out between authorities and lead-footed civilians to stay one step ahead of each other. I'm fairly certain that's a race that won't end until moder...

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