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Some users still having Wi-Fi issues after OS X 10.10.1 Yosemite update

While yesterday's Mac OS X 10.10.1 Yosemite update brought relief to a number of users who were having Wi-Fi issues, MacNN reports that the Apple support threads are still buzzing with discussions of continued disconnects and slow connection speeds. MacNN notes that an informal poll showed that onl...

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Apple patches missing /Users folder bug spawned by iTunes update

That was fast. After updating their Macs to OS X 10.9.3, many users noticed that their /Users folder was gone. Actually, it was there, but somehow the OS update rendered the folder invisible. There were some 3rd party patches to fix it, but late yesterday Apple updated iTunes to version 11.2.1 and...

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Apple reportedly testing new Maps feature to notify users of fixed problems

Apple has begun testing a new notification feature in its Maps app, according to a recent report from MacRumors. The report relays that some users who have reported erroneous mapping data to Apple are being presented with a notification option wherein they can elect to be notified when the issue has...

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Apple's iOS 7.1 update a mixed bag for users: Solutions to the most common problems

Apple's recent iOS 7.1 update resolved a number of issues for many users of the company's smartphone and tablet products. However, results of a survey conducted by TUAW show that over a quarter of a sampling of Apple customers who have installed the update feel that their devices are now in "worse...

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2013 MacBook Air WiFi problems continue to plague users

Since its release in June of 2013, the latest version of the MacBook Air has plagued many users with a number of frustrating WiFi issues. Over a 131-page Support Communities thread started within days of the computer's release, 2013 Air owners complain of latency issues, dropped packets, dropped n...

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Apparently Touch ID doesn't like 180-degree unlock attempts

I'm not going to pretend like I discovered this bug after weeks of rigorous testing -- in fact, had I slid my iPhone 5s into my pocket in a different manner, I'd never even have known this existed -- but here we are. Despite Apple touting the Touch ID sensor as being able to read prints in any ori...

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Apple acknowledges iMessage bug in iOS 7, says fix is on the way

As is typically the case with any major iOS update, the release of iOS 7 has brought with it a small number of bugs. One such bug is a glitch in iMessage wherein some users aren't receiving iMessages sent to them while others are finding that they can't send iMessages at all. While restarting a trou...

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Fix for GoToMeeting issue with MacBook Air coming September 15

On August 23, we reported on issues Citrix GoToMeeting clients were having with the FaceTime HD webcam in the latest MacBook Air (mid 2013, Haswell). At the time, there was no firm timetable for getting the issue fixed. Today I spoke with Sampath Gomatam, the VP and GM of Real-Time Collaboration ...

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Status Board updated with bugfixes, performance improvements

Panic's well-received Status Board app has been updated to version 1.1, and as you might imagine, it's mostly a bugfix update. The biggest issue fixed was probably a bug with sending standard video out, but that should be all taken care of according to Panic (sending HD video out still requires...

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A small number of Apple TVs eligible for replacement due to Wi-Fi issues

Apple has emailed a note to Apple Store and AppleCare employees as well as authorized resellers stating that a small number of third-generation Apple TVs have an issue with Wi-Fi and are eligible for replacement free of charge up to two years after the device was purchased. Information supp...

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Payback 2 goes free-to-play

Payback 2 arrived on the App Store late last year. It's the sequel to a game called Payback that was sort of a Grand Theft Auto for iOS (before Grand Theft Auto for iOS was actually released). Payback 2 added online multiplayer and a new "custom mode," and as of today, it has gone free-to-play,...

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OS X 10.8.3 fixes Pixelmator 'restarting' bug

In December we reported that a bug in OS X 10.8.2 would sometimes cause a user's machine to restart automatically when the user was intensively using Pixelmator. Pixelmator took the brunt of the blame for the bug, but actually the issue was caused by NVIDIA GeForce graphics card drivers and not...

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Obscure OS X Mountain Lion bug makes many apps crash

TUAW reader Don McC pointed us to this Next Web write-up about an obscure Mountain Lion crash. If you type File: followed by /// in many apps, they will crash. There are 8 characters in total and the F must be capitalized. I tested this and managed to crash a bunch of apps. Echofon, QuickTime...

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Your trusty TUAW blogger tries Windows 8

I'm pretty much a hard-and-fast Mac guy. I've had Apple products since the Apple II, and bought my first Mac when they came out in 1984, so I have a lot of history with Apple. For a variety of reasons, I need to use a PC laptop to run a variety of astronomical automation programs, and my 10-yea...

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Should they have waited until March? Submitting your iTunes 11 bugs

For all of you working with iTunes 11 and exploring its delightful and quirky feature set, it's likely you'll run across one or more of the bugs the new software has to offer. For example, I clicked on the iTunes Tutorials button to watch one of those great new video overviews -- and got a "pag...

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