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iPhone 4S was top online buzz generator yesterday

Online marketing and analytics firm Webtrends kept a close eye on the Apple event and announcements yesterday. Not surprisingly, the iPhone 4S was a huge buzz generator for the day, with almost half (585,306 out of 1,223,060) of the total online mentions made about Apple. Excitement or curios...

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iPad 2: The rumor buzz

As Apple's March 2 iPad announcement draws near, the interwebs are alive with rumors. In no particular order, here's the buzz that we're seeing flick across our in-boxes today. Will Apple produce a White iPad? That's what the 9 to 5 Mac blog thinks might happen, based on iPad parts they "acq...

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Toy Story 3 and the Mac

One of the things I missed in the news last week due to being so busy at Macworld (along with most of the Olympics, though we did get to watch the opening ceremony at a post-show dinner) was the brand new Toy Story 3 trailer -- Pixar's latest movie has Buzz and Woody in a third adventure, and while...

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Google Buzz now available on iPhone web app

Google revealed its new social communications feature Buzz yesterday while we were all traveling to Macworld, and the new service is now up and running in the Mobile Safari web app, as well as in your Gmail account everywhere else. The mobile app has all the features of the main service (it's kind o...

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An app with everything but sales

TriplePoint PR's site has a post on their blog about Orbital [iTunes Link], an iPhone game released a while back that I presume is one of their clients. Obviously, they've done their job: we're talking about the game, which is $.99US or available in a lite free version [iTunes Link]. But they've al...

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First Look: ZenNews brings the news cloud to your iPhone

Zensify announced its latest app, ZenNews [iTunes link], this morning. It's basically an intelligent news aggregator, using algorithms to find "what's hot" from a variety of sources including the New York Times, the Washington Post, Al Jazeera, the Guardian and more. It parses Twitter and other soci...

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Use a Red Bull can as a radio interference shield

I love the iPhone, save for one thing. It sits on my desk every night, right near my computer, and the speakers I've got hooked up to it. And every 15 minutes, when the iPhone checks email for me, I get that buzzing -- the sound of radio interference flying across my speaker wires. And almost ever...

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iPhone provides grassroots inspiration

MSN Money has a fascinating report on the reaction to Apple's unveiling of the iPhone at January's Macworld. If any event could be said to trigger a groundswell of grassroots reporting, it was the iPhone. In fact, the iPhone certainly set new records in that regard with a huge response of rich media...

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Woz and Buzz to take Hydrogen Hummer to South Pole

Before we dive into the actual story, lets just take a minute to sit back and appreciate just how fantastically bizarre that title is. ... Ok then! Mac daddy Steve Wozniak has announced that in December 2007, he and Moon man Buzz Aldrin (second person ever to set foot on the Moon) will participate i...

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