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Breaking: C4 indie developer conference discontinued

C4, Jonathan 'Wolf' Rentzsch's independent Mac developers conference, is no more. First held in 2006, C4 offered a highly intense way for developers to share technology know-how with each other. It provided a bottom-up approach to improving Apple platforms from developers all the way back to Apple. ...

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C4[1] videos now being posted

Back in August famed Mac developer Jonathan "Wolf" Rentzsch organized the C4[1] conference for independent Mac developers in Chicago. The presenters included a veritable who's who of indie Mac developers and now Rentzsch is getting around to posting videos of the presentations for those of us who we...

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Mirror-enabled videoconferencing on the iPhone

The iPhone application community continues to amaze me-- this time, Engadget's got the heads up on an iPhone video conferencing system, made possible by not only a cool little piece of code (designed for a C4 contest) that fetches an iPhone's camera input and feeds it out to another iPhone via a w...

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TUAW at WWDC 2007: Interview with Wolf Rentzsch

Wolf Rentzsch is another Mac developer so devoted to his craft that he comes to WWDC just for the fun of it. Wolf loves code so much, in fact, that he started C4, an "indie conference for indie developers." Scott sat down with Wolf to talk about Mac dev work, his own work, iPhone and C4. NOTE: Th...

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C4[1] registration open

Jon "Wolf" Rentzsch's alternative indie Mac developer conference C4 is once more upon us. Registration is open for the event which takes place Aug 10-12, 2007 in Chicago. The 3 day event costs $512, which includes meals, and features talks from the likes of Adam Engst, Cabel Sasser, Daniel Jalkut, a...

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TUAW Podcast #13

This week's podcast involves Dan Pourhadi and the C4 developer shindig he attended, those exclusive Leopard screenshots we nabbed, iPod viruses and the corporate blame game, and we round off with Apple's preliminary 4th quarter earnings results. Dan and I kept things short this time around, as the p...

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C4 Tip: Drag-and-drop text in Cocoa apps

During The Grube's UI presentation at C4, he pointed to one particular example of "functional inconsistency" in Apple's software: the discrepancy in results when you drag-and-drop text in Carbon apps (TextWrangler, AppleWorks, etc.) vs. Cocoa apps (TextEdit, Safari, etc.). When you select text in Ca...

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"Wolf" Rentzsch announces C4: Chicago Mac Developer Conference

When ADHOC/MacHack went bye-bye last year, the Mac development community was aching for something to fill its Big Foot-sized shoes. Drunkenbatman threw his hat into the ring with Evening@Adler, which I thought was a huge hit. And now Jon "Wolf" Rentzsch is taking it one step further by hosting a thr...

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