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Apple's announcement timing is uncanny

Tony Bradley at Macworld points out something interesting that I've also been thinking about: Apple is being awfully sneaky with its timing when it comes to product announcements. The upcoming March 2 event happens to land not only right around the time that Motorola's much-anticipated Xoom...

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Bigstream offers ad hoc wireless streaming for your iOS device and iPod

Need to give a presentation but don't want to futz with the vagaries of getting on the local network wherever you land? Want to stream music in a strange place from your iPod nano? Want to play games on your TV from your iPad while controlling from your iPhone without the VGA-out cable adapter an...

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Seen at CES: Blinged-out iPhone and iPad cases

This intriguing (and shiny!) M.C. Escher case was seen in the CES booth of one Lux Mobile last week. The custom case was made with over 18,000 Swarovski crystals and was apparently made in the good old US of A, "one crystal at a time." Pretty snazzy, no? Lux Mobile does carry this case in a standar...

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CES preview: Docks, satellites, radar, blood pressure and more

Here's a brief rundown of notable items we saw last night at the pre-show event for the press called Unveiled here at CES 2011. We'll have more hands-on coverage of some of these items this week, plus a ton of other docks, more docks, some items that aren't docks, and a few more docks and accessori...

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