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A look back at when Apple Christmas commercials were still funny

This year, Apple tugged on the heartstrings of people who willfully watch advertising -- seriously, remember when you HAD to watch ads, what a savage world -- with its "Misunderstood" clip. It brought tears to the eyes of many people who want to think the best of teenagers, but had one major...

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5 things you still need to buy before Christmas

There's a good chance that your next five days will be filled with frantic last-minute gift buying, all culminating in your family's holiday celebration. You might even think your shopping list has been conquered, but I beg to differ. Here are a handful of items you still need to pick up to make...

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Apple's Christmas ad is great, but this parody shows the one aspect it got wrong

Apple recently released its latest Christmas-themed commercial, this time looking to give a little depth and humanity to your kid brother who won't pull his nose out of his phone. It's a tearjerker. It makes me get a little misty. The kid made such a beautiful video, and his family appreciates...

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Apple's War on Christmas continues! Next victim: the Christmas tree.

Apple, it wasn't enough for your to rename your '12 Days of Christmas' app to '12 Days of Gifts,' was it? Now you needed to take your War on Christmas to the next level by attacking the humble Christmas tree. As blogger Phyllis White reports, you've banned the Christmas tree in the beautiful...

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Xmas Camera for iOS adds holiday cheer to photos

Xmas Camera (free) was an app I thought was pretty cute when I looked at it a year ago, and now it's been enhanced and made iOS 7-friendly. Basically you take a photo, or load one from your camera roll, and the app enables you to add holiday elements to your photos. You can dress someone in a Santa...

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The Monkey Kit adds a tail to your iPad so you can go hands-free

The Monkey Kit (US$69) from Octa is essentially a long, posable tail for your iPad plus a small handle accessory. Like a monkey's tail, the Monkey Tail (also sold separately) allows you to hang your iPad or merely provide support when propping it up. While not everyone will have a use for the...

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Help your kids keep track of Santa while you travel with the NORAD Santa Tracker app

We're just a few weeks away from Christmas. If your family celebrates the holiday, hopefully you still get to experience the joy of a having a child excitedly wait for Santa. But what if you're away from home on Christmas Eve? There are few childhood fears as harsh as the idea that Santa might...

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The Lego Apple Store pops up in Christmas Village to help items for Toys for Tots

As a regular reader of TUAW, you've probably heard of the Lego Apple Store. Designed and built by Lego enthusiast John Lazar, the store is a remarkably faithful recreation of Apple's retail outlets. Now the miniature storefront is hitting the road, making a guest appearance at the 2013 Winter...

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Daily iPad App: John Lewis' Bear & Hare is for the child in all of us

Today's Daily iPad App is Bear & Hare, an interactive children's book based on the Christmas advert of the same name, which is one of the UK's most celebrated holiday ads. The £1 million ad for UK retailer John Lewis is a two-minute short film that combines traditional hand-drawn...

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App downloads spike over the holiday, though not as high as expected

The Christmas holiday saw a record number of iOS device activations, and as usual, a nice spike in app downloads for developers (thanks to all of those new devices on the market). But Distimo just shared a report that says Christmas might not have been as merry as we thought for app developers...

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Flurry: 17 million iOS, Android devices activated on Christmas Day

If you received a new smartphone or tablet for Christmas, you're not alone; VentureBeat reports that over 17 million new iOS and Android devices were activated on Christmas day, according to analytics firm Flurry. That's a bump of over 330 percent over the average of the 20 days preceding the...

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New tablet owners share Christmas tweets, iPad on top

Anecdotal evidence from Twitter suggests there were a lot of new iPads under the Christmas tree. According to a graphic spotted by Andy Baio, the number of people proclaiming this is my "First tweet from my iPad" eclipses those tweeting for the first time from their Kindle Fire, Nexus 7 or...

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Holiday iPad magic to start your week

Simon Pierro is back again with his bag of iPad tricks this holiday season. The iPad magician has compiled his 24 Xmas iPad Magic tricks into a single holiday-themed video. You can watch the compilation below or peruse through the individual clips on Pierro's YouTube channel. [Via iMore] ...

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Will Ferrell Apple Switch ads are a holiday-themed blast from the past

Remember these fun Christmas ads from Apple that featured Will Ferrell as S. Claus? It's hard to believe they are 10 years old (part of Apple's short-lived Switch campaign, which also launched early Internet celebrity Ellen Feiss). Grab a cup of peppermint-flavored coffee and take a walk down...

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Five apps that put the Merry in Merry Christmas

It's Christmas Eve, which means that it is time to stop shopping and start enjoying the Christmas holiday. Here are five fun apps to help you get your cheer on. The Impossible Test - Christmas Edition (iOS Universal, Free) The Impossible Test is a brain teaser app that asks you questions...

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