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Polymo makes organizing your iPhone photos easy

Polymo is a new camera app for iPhone with some nice twists. It just came out today, but I've been testing it for a while and I can say that at its US$1.99 pricetag, it's a really slick tool to have. This isn't a fancy photo app with a bunch of filters, grids and other features. It's a...

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Apple's awesome iOS Camera feature they didn't mention on stage

Apple spent a whole lot of time talking about photos today during its WWDC 2014 keynote address. From iCloud Photo Library to smart image adjustments, there is clearly a lot to be excited about for iOS shutterbugs. But there is one feature that wasn't mentioned on-stage, yet it has appeared on...

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iPhone 101: Quickly change camera modes in iOS 7 without accidentally snapping a photo

One of the main reasons why I love my iPhone is its outstanding camera that allows me to capture a photo at a moment's notice. As noted when iOS 7 was released last year, Apple's latest version of iOS significantly improved the camera app, providing options for panorama mode, square photos and...

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iPhone 101: How to lock exposure and focus in the Camera app

This feature has been around for a while, but not too many iPhone owners realize the iOS Camera app includes an exposure and focus lock feature that allows you to lock these parameters and then frame your shot. This AE/AF lock is useful when you are taking a photo with variable light conditions or...

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Apple's failed attempts at taking over the camera industry are now collector's items

The iPhone remains one of the most popular "cameras" on the planet, and Apple's smartphone has indeed conquered consumer photography, but it wasn't the company's first attempt to do so. In the mid '90s, Apple was going through its "see what sticks" phase. You remember: It was around this time...

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Photos may be the only book you need for mastering your iOS photography

I've spent several pleasant hours with Tom Rudderham's interactive book Photos. It contains a wealth of information about using your camera to the fullest, including those in Apple's iOS devices. The book contains videos and interactive graphics to make learning all that much faster. Rudderham...

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How to create an animated GIF from your existing burst mode photos

Burst mode shooting in iOS 7 captures a series of quick-fire photos, allowing you to grab that perfect shot that you likely would have missed if you were taking photos one at a time. When you are done shooting, you are left with a single entry in your Photos app that contains all the photos in...

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Olloclip 4-in-1 iPhone lens gives you a new perspective on the world

If you're an iPhone owner, there's a good chance you take a lot of photos with your phone. That's totally understandable, given that Apple's recent smartphone offerings are widely considered to be fantastic for photography. Still, the built-in lens on your iPhone 4, 4s, 5 or 5s is still hampered...

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In a blind camera taste test pictures from the iPhone 5s beat out ones from its five main competitors

Seemingly every month new phones are released, each boasting new features that set it apart from the competition. And yet even the most cutting-edge iPhone, the 5s, still comes with a measly 8MP camera. To put things in perspective its rival from Sony, the Xperia Z1 Compact, has a 20.7MP camera....

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How to turn on the grid lines in the iOS 7 Camera app

If you are a camera buff who is dabbling with iOS 7 for the first time, you may be spending some time in the Camera app, checking out the features available for your mobile photography needs. One feature that is not readily apparent, but important to photographers, is the grid lines. The grid...

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Review: Night Vision app designed to take videos and photos at night

There are literally dozens of night vision apps in the App Store, all designed to let your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch see better in the dark. The developer of the Night Vision app (US$3.99) says that he's developed some complex algorithms over the last two years to let your camera perform much...

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Some cool camera tricks in iOS 7's Panoramic mode

Apple originally introduced the ability to capture panoramic photos in iOS 6. In iOS 7, this feature was moved up to the big leagues, now occupying its own dedicated mode from within the Camera app. While taking panoramic shots is a great way to capture photos like wide landscapes, here are a few...

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Dropcam powers up connected video with new Pro camera

Do you have pets or family members you enjoy checking in on remotely? Or a home that makes you nervous when you're not physically in it, worrying about your stuff? When you think about ways to soothe your anxiety and keep an eye on the things you care about, the mountable, networked, USB-powered,...

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National Geographic photographer praises the iPhone 5s' camera

National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson has praised the new camera in the iPhone 5s after using it to shoot more than 4,000 photos on his recent trip to the Scottish highlands. In a blog post on Richardson writes: With intense use (I've made about 4,000 pictures in...

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DPReview takes a detailed look at the iPhone 5s camera

DPReview is well-known for its exhaustive camera reviews that analyze both the hardware and the resulting images produced by that hardware. Beside traditional point-and-shoots and DSLRs, DPReview also examines smartphone cameras with the same amount of detail it uses with its traditional camera...

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