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Tag: Capcom

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is massive in all the right ways

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is not the kind of game you're likely to play in short bursts -- which is probably why the Monster Hunter franchise didn't make the trip to iOS devices sooner -- but that doesn't mean it's not a fantastic gaming experience just the same. If you've not had the pleasure...

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The spiritual successor to Mega Man is Mighty No. 9, and it's coming to Mac

Over the long holiday weekend, former Capcom game developer and father of the Mega Man franchise, Keiji Inafune, launched a Kickstarter campaign for his next game. It's called Mighty No. 9, and in the roughly 48 hours that has passed since the crowdfunding began, it has raised over US$1.35 million...

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Gameloft titles and other games on sale for Thanksgiving

This week, we're celebrating Thanksgiving in the United States, which also happens to be the official start of the holiday season gift-giving countdown. And that means sales in most places where entertainment is bought and sold, including the App Store. Here are a few of the most interesting sa...

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Daily iPad App: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is gonna take you for a ride

After quite a while, Capcom has finally released Marvel vs. Capcom 2 in the App Store, and you probably know right away if you want it or not. This Dreamcast-era fighting game might be a little silly and colorful, but it offers up some insane, excessive action that other fighting games have yet...

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Capcom puts apps on sale, releases new characters for Street Fighter IV

Capcom has introduced two new characters to the iOS version of Street Fighter IV (subtitled Volt), so fighters now can jump into the ring with Yun and Fei Long, making the character total on the game an impressive 22. The company has also dropped the price. It's usually $6.99, but until next we...

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Capcom puts iOS titles on sale, post-Father's Day weekend

Capcom didn't get the memo about hosting app sales this past Father's Day weekend apparently -- the company has instead put four of its titles on sale for just a buck today. Right now, you can pick up Street Fighter IV, Devil May Cry 4 refrain, Dead Rising Mobile or Resident Evil Mercenaries al...

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TUAW's Daily iPhone App: Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting

The Monster Hunter series of games is crazy popular in Japan -- when a new version comes out, many workers and students will take the day off, just like when a new Halo or Call of Duty title comes out here in the US. And now the series has arrived on iOS thanks to Capcom's new Monster Hunter Dy...

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Capcom's free Arcade adds Final Fight, 1943

Capcom has added two more titles to its free Capcom Arcade app, which hit the App Store a while ago. First up is the classic beat-em-up Final Fight, and it's a big retro release for Capcom -- the company has even changed the app's name and icon just to celebrate. Final Fight's a great game, as ...

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Well, that's just Smurfy! Apple reportedly talks to Capcom about Smurfs' Village

We reported last week on how a kid playing with the Smurfs' Village iOS app racked up hundreds of dollars in charges, prompting a variety of responses regarding how Apple and parents should treat such apps. Now is reporting that Apple has taken game publisher Capcom to task for ma...

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TUAW's Daily App: Devil May Cry 4 refrain

This is part of Capcom's holiday sale for Valentine's Day (which is probably also intended to target some new Verizon customers), but Devil May Cry 4 refrain is a pretty good port of the console action game anyway. It features a character named Nero fighting with both guns and a big sword through a...

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Capcom and Sega join Valentine's Day sales on the App Store

Two more big companies have joined the flurry of sales popping up around Valentine's Day next week. Sega has jumped in with prices dropped on plenty of its titles, from US$2.99 down to 99 cents. Capcom has also joined the holiday celebration, bringing Street Fighter IV down to the incredibly low pr...

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Twisted Pixel chooses not to sue Capcom over iOS ripoff

Capcom Mobile recently released a new game for the iOS App Store called MaXplosion, and soon after, a few fans noticed the game bears a striking similarity to a game by Twisted Pixel for Xbox Live Arcade called 'Splosion Man. Aside from the names themselves, MaXplosion also allows the player to jum...

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Capcom's free-to-play Smurfs' Village out-grossing Angry Birds

If you, like me, responded to the release of Smurfs' Village by saying, "Really? A freemium game from Capcom? Based on the Smurfs franchise?" then you probably want to rethink how the App Store works, because apparently it's a hit -- Smurfs' Village has topped even Angry Birds recently for the top g...

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Capcom Arcade to bring retro thrills and clever pricing to your iPhone

Capcom has announced that in early November an App Store near you will be graced with Capcom Arcade, featuring at launch arcade classics Street Fighter II, 1942, Commando, and Ghouls 'n' Ghosts. IGN has a positive writeup of a preview it played, saying that the touch-based controls worked fine but i...

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Capcom's titles go on sale for 99 cents

Good news everyone! Capcom's putting some of its iPhone titles on sale this weekend, so head on over to the App Store to pick up Resident Evil 4, 1942: First Strike, Mega Man II, Dark Void Zero, or a few of Capcom's other licensed games for just a penny short of a buck. Not all of the titles are on...

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