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Heckler Design unveils attractive WindFall Cash Drawer for iPad point-of-sale systems (Updated)

For shopkeepers who want to keep their cash and receipts straight when they're using an iPad-based point-of-sale (POS) system, there are a few choices available for cash drawers. Back when Square announced the Business in a Box bundle, they company chose an iPad stand designed by Tempe, Ariz.-base...

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Happy Owl Studio Cashbox: a beautiful hand-crafted iPad cash register

The last time I talked to the guys from Happy Owl Studio, they were busy cranking out great-looking leather bags for Apple devices. Now the company is producing the Cashbox (starts at US$750 - $1,500, depending on the payment solution selected for the register), a product that was still in plannin...

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The rising popularity of iPad as cash register

Over at Wired, writer Marcus Wohlson points out that the novelty of using an iPad or other mobile device as a cash register is beginning to disappear as that particular use case turns mainstream. The act of handing your credit card to an iPad-toting store clerk or coffee shop barista was unthinka...

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Square wants Square Register and iPad to be your POS solution

Square is looking to expand its reach into retail using its new Square Register app for the iPad. This solution promises to replace the cash register and let small retailers process credit card payments, accept cash payments, list store products and track customer purchases. Similar to Square for ...

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