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iOS 7 video tip: See which apps use the most cellular data

Today's iOS 7 video tip comes by way of Macworld's Lex Friedman, who pointed out that the new mobile operating system includes a way of finding out just how much cellular data each app uses. This tip extends to system service data usage, and provides a way to disable specific apps from using cellu...

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iPhone owners have the highest cellular bills among smartphone users

Carriers may not like iPhone users who consume a lot of data, but they cannot complain about the whopping bills these customers pay each month. According to a survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) and reported by AllThingsD, almost 60 percent of iPhone users pay more than US$...

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Apple to add 36 new LTE carriers

According to an announcement made by Apple CEO Tim Cook during yesterday's Q1 2013 earnings call, next week will be an auspicious one for users of iOS devices that support the fast LTE mobile data standard. During the week, 36 wireless carriers worldwide will be added to the 24 already providin...

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iOS 6 ships with WiFi plus cellular feature missing

Back in August, much buzz arose about a new iOS 6 feature. WiFi plus Cellular promised to allow apps having trouble with WiFi to connect using cellular data. This option promised to allow devices to tap into their data plan upon encountering shaky WiFi connections. As Megan Lavey-Heaton wrote...

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iPhone cellular data not working? Try resetting your network settings

The "Reset Network Settings" button on the iPhone not only resets your Wi-Fi settings -- resulting in a clean slate with respect to Wi-Fi access points and their passwords -- it also resets your phone carrier settings. Several months back, I had the darndest trouble with cellular data access. I coul...

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What's up with the iPhone Carrier Update?

If you checked for updates for your US-based iPhone in iTunes in the last day or two, you should have seen this: The standard Apple explanation from the Knowledge Base: iTunes 7.7 and later has the ability to update the carrier specific settings on iPhone with iPhone 2.0 software or later. Carrie...

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