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Tag: Ces2011

Apple's announcement timing is uncanny

Tony Bradley at Macworld points out something interesting that I've also been thinking about: Apple is being awfully sneaky with its timing when it comes to product announcements. The upcoming March 2 event happens to land not only right around the time that Motorola's much-anticipated Xoom...

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Bigstream offers ad hoc wireless streaming for your iOS device and iPod

Need to give a presentation but don't want to futz with the vagaries of getting on the local network wherever you land? Want to stream music in a strange place from your iPod nano? Want to play games on your TV from your iPad while controlling from your iPhone without the VGA-out cable adapter an...

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VoxOx combines all your contacts into one Mac client

Since we're The Unofficial Apple Weblog, we kept it pretty Apple-oriented during last week's CES conference. There were plenty of interesting Windows apps and other smartphones and tablets around, but if it wasn't Apple-centric, we usually walked past it to find something more our style. But VoxOx ...

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Iomega's SuperHero backup and charger for iPhone syncs without a PC

Iomega was at CES last week showing off its upcoming SuperHero Backup and Charger for the iPhone. You may ask why anyone needs a backup system for the iPhone as iTunes backs up your iPhone when you sync. The Iomega rep explained that many iPhone users don't plug their iPhone into a PC or Mac. They ...

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The iChair combines a case with a stand for iPhone and iPad

One of my favorite things about shows like CES is hearing stories about products straight from the vendors themselves. Not everyone has a product as flashy as the Sphero or as attention-grabbing as the hot new tablet computers. Some of the vendors in the booths are just people trying to sell cases....

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BodyMedia introduces the Armband BW at CES, body monitoring for iPhone

BodyMedia had quite a presence at CES last week, with one of their employees running around town and even jumping out of planes to show off the company's new product, the BodyMedia FIT Armband BW. I stopped by their booth to talk to company founder Ivo Stivoric about the product, and how it connect...

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eBay's mobile app strategy shared at CES

When I went to meet up with eBay at last week's CES conference, I went to a booth run not by that company, but by a company called RedLaser. Started by two U of Michigan grads, RedLaser is an eBay acquisition that has released a barcode scanning app for the iPhone that will scan your products and g...

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Seen at CES: Blinged-out iPhone and iPad cases

This intriguing (and shiny!) M.C. Escher case was seen in the CES booth of one Lux Mobile last week. The custom case was made with over 18,000 Swarovski crystals and was apparently made in the good old US of A, "one crystal at a time." Pretty snazzy, no? Lux Mobile does carry this case in a standar...

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Real Networks' GameHouse division finds a home on the App Store

On our way around last week's CES ShowStoppers event (where we met up with none other than T-Pain), I was surprised to see that Real Networks had a booth. They were big time back in the days when RealPlayer ruled internet streaming, but these days, I haven't seen much of them around. Turns out they...

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Hands-on with the iPad ClamCase keyboard/stand

We've been stopping by the trailer of our sister site Engadget quite often here at CES for the excellent company (and the excellent Wi-Fi), and while we were in there the other day, the good folks from ClamCase came by to show off their product. Engadget got their own look, but we were kindly hande...

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Boxee demonstrated on iPad at CES 2011

As soon as we heard that Boxee was demoing their iPad version at this year's CES conference, we had to hunt them down and see it. We found them over at Iomega's booth (stay tuned for a writeup of an Iomega product designed to help iPhone backups as well), and asked to see the app. It's about what y...

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Hands-on with Sphero at the CES 2011

Sphero is this year's AR.Drone here in Las Vegas. Last year, the Parrot AR.Drone turned heads with an iPhone-controlled quadricopter, and this year, Sphero is creating a little buzz as an iPhone-controlled, well, ball. That's right -- the Sphero is a ball that both glows colors and rolls around at ...

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Microvision runs TV out apps, including Rage HD, on the SHOWWX+ pico projector

Last year at Macworld 2010, I got to see the SHOWWX pico projector in action. Back then it was just a prototype, and the company was still shopping around the technology to try and get a unit into production. MicroVision has released the SHOWWX projector at a unit price of US$299. This year's model...

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GoDAP amplifies your mobile audio and provides optical output for iPhone 4

Most of the gadgets we're seeing here at CES 2011 this year aren't too big a surprise -- we set up meetings even before we walked into the convention center, and the surprise is in seeing the new gadgets we've only read about before. But the GoDAP was a surprise, found just by walking around the sh...

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Seen at CES: iDevices through the years

We saw these displays over in the actual iLounge booth (they also have a deal to sponsor some of the iPhone-related displays here at CES), and thought you readers would enjoy a look. Basically iLounge went back and obtained a version of every single iDevice out there (with the exception of the tw...

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